DOC Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

The Department of Conservation balances today's needs with tomorrow's challenges and fosters intelligent, sustainable, and efficient use of California's energy, land, and mineral resources.

Our Vision:

A safe, sustainable environment for all Californians.


Enterprise-wide Goals:

1. Effectively focus and provide staff with the resources to sustain a high-performance work culture.

2. Ensure the sustainability of DOC programs.

Division of Land Resource Protection Goals:  

1. Lead the change in the value proposition for the conservation of agricultural and open space land in California.

Strategic outcome: The eventual adoption into the local land use decision-making process the fact that some land has more value to the community as working land through the ecosystem services it provides than it would have as developed land.

2.  Define a statewide watershed program.

Strategic outcome: Sustained collaborative management of the state's watershed systems that retains and enhances the goods, services, and values they produce.

California Geological Survey Goals:

1. Increase the competitiveness of California Geological Survey (CGS) products and services, branding CGS as California's premier source for geologic and seismic information.

Strategic outcome: Mitigation of hazards to the public health and safety from earthquakes and other geologic phenomena, sustainability of the state's businesses and economy, and promotion of the sound management of California's natural resources and the protection of its environment.

Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources Goals:

1. Expand the enforcement program for the maintenance of active lease facilities and remediation of orphan lease facilities, including pipelines, tanks and other surface equipment.

Strategic outcome: Eliminate the deserted oilfield facilities and bring derelict facilities into compliance, protecting public health and safety.

2. Facilitate the wise development of oil, gas, and geothermal resources to meet the state's demand for energy production while continuing to protect public safety and the environment.

Strategic outcome: Provide information to stakeholders that improves efficiency and assists in making informed decisions. 

Office of Mine Reclamation Goals:

1. Facilitate effective working relationships between lead agencies and mine operators to increase Surface Mining and Reclamation Act Compliance (SMARA) and lead agency/mine operator understanding of effective SMARA compliance.

Strategic outcome: Adverse effects of mining are prevented or minimized, mined lands are reclaimed to a beneficial use, and the need for enforcement is reduced. 

2. Increase the level and effectiveness of lead agency SMARA enforcement.

Strategic outcome: Lead agency enforcement is consistent with statute and all mining operations are in compliance with SMARA.

3. The Abandoned Mine Lands Unit (AMLU) will become the primary source of information with respect to abandoned mines and their remediation in California.

Strategic outcome: A new clearinghouse of abandoned mine information facilitates public and private hazard remediation efforts to protect public health and the environment at historic mining sites.