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The Director of the Department of Conservation (Department) is announcing the revision and restructuring of district boundaries for the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources. In accordance with the Public Resources Code Section 3100, the State Oil and Gas Supervisor invites you to share your input about the new districts.

The purpose of changing district boundaries is to improve efficiency and performance of the Division's regulatory activities by aligning the necessary staff based on regional need.

Should you have any comments about the proposed changes to district boundaries, please e-mail . You can also mail comments to 801 K Street, MS24-02, Sacramento, CA 95814.

  • Uses new DOGGR district boundaries (2018/02/07)
  • GIS Symbol is no longer supported, hence removed in well data (2017/06/14)
  • Well type is added in well data (2017/06/14)
  • Well data are updated daily * Notice: Data are static as of April 27, 2018. Daily updates will resume with the public release of DOGGR's new information system, WellSTAR, in the fourth quarter of 2018
  • Data are provided in following formats (2017/06/14):


NOTE: For information not found in these tables, please contact the district office directly. If you would like to receive notification of future updates, please email with "ADD ME" in the subject line. Updates will be sent to the email address being used in the request only.

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GIS Data (Shapefiles) (CSV) Maps (PDF)
All Wells (Updated daily) All Wells (Updated daily) DOGGR Districts Map (posted 1/30/2018)
Northern District Wells (Updated daily) Northern District Wells (Updated daily)
Coastal District Wells (Updated daily) Coastal District Wells (Updated daily)
Inland District Wells (Updated daily) Inland District Wells (Updated daily)
Southern District Wells (Updated daily) Southern District Wells (Updated daily)
TR 26 Onshore Seeps (posted 04/17/2017) TR 26 Onshore Seeps (Posted 04/17/2017)
Facility Boundaries (posted 06/22/2017)
Field Boundaries (posted 06/21/2016)
Doggr PLSS (posted 03/06/2013)
Primacy Productive Limits (posted 02/02/2018)
District Boundaries (posted 01/10/2018)



NOTE: These maps were produced during the period of 1997 to 2010 and have not been updated.

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