Guide to Reporting Geothermal Field Data

This guide includes instructions for reporting field data to the Division. Every geothermal company employee who is involved in collecting or reporting monthly production and injection data should be familiar with these instructions. Contact the appropriate geothermal district office for assistance prior to submitting the first production and injection reports.


Monthly requirements:
The Public Resources Code requires that geothermal operators file production and injection reports for all private, state, or federal wells producing or capable of producing or injecting geothermal fluids.

Data Accuracy:
Numerical data acquired by an operator must be submitted to the Division either as integers or as numbers accurate to a fixed number of places after the decimal point. Click here for the requirement for each data item.

Delinquent Reports:
Reports are delinquent if not submitted to the Division before the last day of the month following the month in which production or injection occurred.

Federal Requirements:
Wells on federal lands also require monthly production and injection reports. Contact the BLM-California for guidance.


Electronic Reporting:
E-mail monthly data to the appropriate geothermal district office in CSV file format.

Paper Forms:
Contact any of the Division’s geothermal district offices and ask for a supply of OGG110 paper forms. Each month, mail the completed forms to the appropriate district office.