Steamer's Tale


oof! My name is Steamer,
The engineering dog.
Full of spunk and energy.
No bump on any log.

With my forms and clipboard,
And outfits new and smart,
I'm off to see your well site
Where I’ll do my part.

The rocks through which you want to drill
Are full of steam and water.
As both are rare and need great care,
Before you even start to drill
I’ll help create a well that will
Be safe and sound. And,
Of course,
Let you use
This hot resource.

For geothermal means,
You know,
Heated earth.
And it is so!

But cautions are
Important too…
And we take a lot of care
To protect the land and air
From the heat
And steam and gas.

To help in this important task
I'll check your well, and when you ask,
“Steamer, just what should I do?”
I might suggest a thing or two.

In the evening when we're done
I hope that you will want to come
To my doghouse for a meal—
“Steamed,” of course—
For I feel
That nothing else can take the place
Of warm food and a friendly face.

“Steamer,” people say to me,
“How lucky can a canine be?
You work to help produce our heat
To cook the food that we all eat,
Warm houses geothermally….
You really mean a lot to me.”

And I answer with a smile—
My ears aflap—
That all the while
I'm helping keep you
Safe and sound.
Geothermal hound.

So picturing my furry face,
Someday I hope you'll give a call
And meet me—
Greet me—
At a hot spring,
At a well,
At any geothermal
At all.

—Susan Hodgson

Steamer, the Engineering Dog, holding his Environmental Inspection Checklist.



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