Electra Song

Electra, the Electricity Cat

(These cities are in countries that produce electricity from geothermal resources. The Geothermal Comic Book shows what this means.)


My name is Electra,
The electricity cat
With fur black and white,
Matched snug and so tight
There’s never a gap.
Like day and like night.
Like dark and like light.

If you look at me further,
You’ll see I’m a map—
With signs in some towns
The whole world around
Where some lights most special—
A bright sight to see—
Blaze through the dark

So whatever your name
And wherever you are
(Maybe near, maybe far)
Take time to remember
Whenever it’s bright—
And they’ve turned on a switch—
I’ve raced,
Fever pitch,
Lighting the site with a zap.
Your good friend Electra,
The only and one
Electricity cat.

—Susan Hodgson



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