Crossword Puzzle

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A crossword puzzle



3. Place where people come to bathe in hot geothermal water
7. We drink this liquid that fills streams, lakes, and oceans
8. Energy produced at geothermal power plants
9. Vapor from boiling water is called “_________”
11. Flowers and vegetables are grown in this glass house heated by sunlight and geothermal water
13. Hole or crack where steam comes out of the ground
14. One or more minerals form a ____
15. State that produces the most geothermal electricity


1. Crack in the earth’s crust
2. The planet that we live on
4. Hot, melted rock, still underground
5. Holes drilled to bring very hot water or steam to the surface
6. Mountain built from erupted, melted rock
10. Heat measurement
11. A hot spring that erupts from time to time
12. Place where water flows naturally from the ground

Word List

Earth Spa Electricity Volcano
WellsMagma FaultWater
SpringGeyserRock Steam


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