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WellSTAR is the Well Statewide Tracking and Reporting System. It is a comprehensive electronic database under ongoing development to better handle data collection and analysis, streamline operations and processes, and adhere to Senate Bill 1281 (2014) and Senate Bill 4 (2013) requirements, as well as other state and federal laws. 

WellSTAR is one of several objectives in the Division's Renewal Plan to strengthen and improve the state’s oversight of oil and gas production in California while ensuring public safety and environmental protections.

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Accessibility and Input

WellSTAR is a dynamic application. Release 3.0 is scheduled for late 2018, and will allow the public to view online most well operational data and documents (with the exception of confidential wells and information precluded by legality). Among the information that will be available will be Underground Injection Control project data, production data, and well information.

Additionally, the WellSTAR portal will include functionality for the public to submit a complaint about a suspected regulatory violation.

The first two releases of WellSTAR focused on enabling information required of oil and gas operators to be submitted and read in a uniform format. That data includes Underground Injection Control, e-permitting, facility management, and production reporting.

Notice to Operators (NTO)

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