Notice to Operators

NTO # Notice Date Title
NTO 2018-07 July 16, 2018 Establishment of the Office of Enforcement
NTO 2018-06 June 18, 2018 Approved Regulations - Requirements for Active Oil and Gas Pipelines in Sensitve Areas
NTO 2018-05 May 25, 2018 Request for Information Pool Code to Wellbore Data Mapping
NTO 2018-04 April 20, 2018 Underground Injection Control Project Review and Analysis On-Line Tracking System
NTO 2018-03 March 7, 2018 WellSTAR Release 2.0
NTO 2018-02 March 7, 2018 Guidelines for Collection of Oilfield Water Quality Data
NTO 2018-01 February 2, 2018 Idle Well Inventory Idle Well Start Date Error & Impact to Idle Well Fees & Idle Well Management Plans
NTO 2017-12 December 20, 2017 Ventura Office Telephone Number Change - Effective January 1, 2018
NTO 2017-11 December 4, 2017 Sensitive Gas Pipeline Map Submission Due On January 1, 2018
NTO 2017-10 November 30, 2017 API12 Conversion Work Plan And Production/Injection Reporting
NTO 2017-09 November 13, 2017 Extension For Well Maintenance Reporting
NTO 2017-08 September 28, 2017 Idle Wells Fees And Idle Well Management Workshop on October 17, 2017
NTO 2017-07 September 12, 2017 Pipelines Testing and Mapping Workshop on October 17, 2017 Sensitive Gas Pipeline Map Submission Due on January 1, 2018
NTO 2017-06 June 16, 2017 Quarterly Water Reporting - Senate Bill 1281
NTO 2017-05 June 16, 2017 Concerns With Reporting Well Maintenance Operations
NTO 2017-04 May 5, 2017 Health and Safety During Witnessing and Inspections
NTO 2017-03 March 13, 2017 Permitting Requirements
NTO 2017-02 March 3, 2017 New Idle Well Bonding Requirements Associated with AB 2729
NTO 2017-01 February 9, 2017 Cessation of Injection
NTO 2016-01 August 22, 2016 Stress Field Audit Process
N/A July 8, 2016Aquifer Exemption Compliance Deadline
N/A May 4, 2016Closure of Coalinga Office
N/A April 8, 2016Aquifer Exemption Compliance Deadline
N/A February 12, 2016Requirements for Underground Gas Storage Projects
N/A December 22, 2015New Reporting Requirements Associated with the Passage of Assembly Bill 1420
N/A October 7, 2015UIC Project Review
N/A September 9, 2015A strategy for produced water
N/A May 18, 2015 AMENDED Water sampling protocols and analyses of injection and formation waters
N/A April 29, 2015SB 1281 Water Report Update
N/A December 31, 2014Clarifies what constitutes the end of a well stimulation treatment and the Disclosure requirements
N/A December 8, 2014SB 1281, new water reporting requirements
N/A June 24, 2014Summary of statutory changes brought about by Senate Bill 665
N/A May 15, 2014Concerns with Public Disclosures Associated with Well Stimulation Treatments
N/A February 11, 2014Monthly production and injection report
N/A January 30, 2014New assessment payee and mailing address
N/A November 20, 2013Interim written notice and certification of compliance to address mandates of Senate Bill 4
N/A October 7, 2013Senate Bill 665 (Wolk), amends several sections of the Public Resources Code  regarding bond requirements for oil and gas wells (A list of frequently asked questions can be found here)
N/A September 30, 2013Designated Agents
N/A March 28, 2012Voluntary Reporting of Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Operations
N/A October 5, 2011Improvements to the Manual Production Reporting System
N/A September 6, 2011Facilities Regulations Critical Due Dates
N/A May 6, 2011Geothermal well records
N/A January 6, 2009Changes to the Public Resources Code
N/A October 27, 2008Revised Notices of Intent
N/A January 18, 2008Underground Injection Control Project Data
N/A January 17, 2008Requesting "Confidential Status" for New Wells
N/A November 5, 2007Geothermal well records may remain confidential for a period of five years from cessation of drilling, when requested by operator
N/A October 24, 2007Installing Conductors
N/A January 2, 2007Blowout prevention
N/A December 16, 2005Price increase for maps
N/A November 3, 2005Training for personnel operating drilling and rework rigs in California
N/A June 29, 2005Unreported accidents/incidents
N/A October 29, 2004 - August 22, 1980Archive of NTOs.