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DOGGR Contacts

Note: For security reasons, email addresses are no longer linked. To contact a staff member by email, type out the email address noted, replacing the word "at" with @, with no space in between.



801 K Street, MS 18-05
Sacramento, CA 95814-3530
Phone: (916) 445-9686, Fax: (916) 323-0424

General questions:

For Geographic Information Services (GIS) information or applications inquiries:

District Contacts

  • Northern District
    Oil, Gas, and Geothermal
    801 K Street, MS 20-22
    Sacramento, CA 95814-3530
    Phone: (916) 322-1110
    Fax: (916) 445-3319


    Name Email Position
    Jaszarowski, Joyce joyce.jaszarowski at District Deputy
    Wardlow, Charlene charlene.wardlow at Senior Oil and Gas Engineer
    Johnson, Liz liz.johnson at Senior Oil and Gas Engineer
    Tackett, B.G, baxter.tackett at Associate Oil and Gas Engineer
    Morgan, Kelly kelly. morgan at Engineering Geologist
    Bottoms, Mary mary.bottoms at Energy and Mineral Resources Engineer
    Hatfield, Sheila sheila.hatfield at Executive Secretary
    Truschel, Jack jack.truschel at Associate Oil and Gas Engineer
    Austin, Jopseph joe.austin at Associate Oil and Gas Engineer