Archived SMARA Update Newsletters


Fall 2004 (PDF, 1MB) Featuring "A Day in the Life of the AMLU"

Summer 2004  (PDF, .2 MB) Featuring "Release of Financial Assurances - Two Scenarios"

Spring 2004 (PDF, 1.5 MB)  Featuring "California Mine Statistics for 2002"

Winter 2004 (PDF, .6 MB)   Featuring  "‘Section 3504.5,’ A New Addition to the State Mining and Geology Board Regulations"

Fall 2003 (PDF, .7 MB)  Featuring "What's New at OMR?"

Winter 2001 (PDF, .4 MB)  Featuring "AML Unit Plugs Dangerous Mine Shaft with Foam"

Fall 2000 (PDF, .3 MB)   Featuring Part 1 of an excerpt from Caterpillar Tractor Company's "Fundamentals of Earthmoving"

Summer 2000 (PDF, .5 MB) Featuring Part 2 of an excerpt from Caterpillar Tractor Company's "Fundamentals of Earthmoving"

Spring 2000 (PDF, .3 MB)   Featuring Questions regarding the establishment of a Certificate of Deposit using the Assignment of CD form.

Winter 2000 (PDF, 1.4 MB)   Featuring "Performance Bond vs. Standby Credit, Distinguishing the Difference"

Fall 1999            Featuring "The ABC's of Letters of Crecit"

Spring 1999       Featuring "DOC Expands Compliance Focus"

Winter 1999       Featuring "SMGB Issues 45-Day Notice to El Dorado County"

Fall 1998            Featuring "SMARA MOU Being Updated"

Summer 1998     Featuring "SMGB Assumes SMARA Review Authority for Nine Lead Agencies"

Spring 1998        Featuring "Soil Preparation"

Winter 1998        Featuring "How to Speed Up Your Reclamation Plan Review"

Fall 1997             Featuring "Abandoned Mines Program and Task Force Established"

Summer 1997     Featuring "The Department of Conservation's New Enforcement Policy"

Spring 1997        Featuring "Setting Revegetation Performance Standards:

Winter 1997        Featuring "Oil and Gas Exemption Added to SMARA"

Fall 1996             Featuring "SMGB Defines the Flood Control Exemption"


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