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Cal Atlas 
The California Spatial Information Library provides access to much of California's physical and cultural geospatial information.


California Digital Conservation Atlas
The Legacy Project California Digital Conservation Atlas

California Hydrological Regions Map

Caltrans Maps

Coastal Watershed Mapping Tool
The Coastal Watershed Mapping Tool allows anyone to locate a watershed of interest by zooming into a statewide map and using watershed boundaries and scanned U.S. Geological Survey quad maps. These maps illustrate key hydrographic components such as streams and watershed boundaries as well as major roads, urbanized areas, and coarse vegetation condition. After an individual watershed is chosen, the linked screens provide information on average rainfall, public and private land ownership, and land use and vegetation cover. The statewide coverages for most of these layers are also available on the FRAP web site. The advantage of the mapping tool is that it allows anyone with access to the internet to retrieve detailed information on factors that play a major role in determining potential non-point source pollution sources, key wildlife habitats, and the impacts of proposed new land uses and resource management practices.

Coastal Watershed Planning & Assessment Program
In 1999, the California Resources Agency and the California Environmental Protection Agency began developing an interagency watershed assessment program for California's North Coast. The purpose of the program is to develop consistent, scientifically credible information to guide landowners, agencies, watershed groups, and other stakeholders in their efforts to improve watershed and fisheries conditions.

Department of Fish and Game (DFG) Data & Maps

The Biogeographic Data Branch (BDB) contains biological data development programs that are especially dependent and closely linked with GIS and emerging related technologies.  The Biogeographic Information and Observation System (BIOS) is an online mapping tool designed to enable the visualization, management, and analysis of a wide range of biogeographic data.  The Data Portal is used to query DFG's databases and to generate up-to-date lists and reports.  The Document Library is used to quickly and easily locate, view and download important documents held by DFG.

Drinking Water Source Assessment and Protection (DWSAP) Program
The California Department of Health Services' Drinking Water Source Assessment and Protection (DWSAP) Program Website provides information on drinking water protection measures, best management practices and resources available including references, case studies, and training materials.

Klamath Resource Information System
The Klamath Resource Information System, KRIS, pulls together maps, data tables, charts, photographs and bibliographic materials into an easy-to-use, PC-based computer program. For any designated watershed, KRIS organizes information relevant to fisheries and water quality so that it can be shared quickly and easily among agencies, private land owners and citizens. KRIS projects are distributed on CDs, free of charge, and can be updated by willing cooperators.

National Geographic Maps

Natural Resource Projects Inventory (NRPI)

NRPI in collaboration with the U.C. Davis Information Center for the Environment (ICE) established a comprehensive statewide database of more than 8,000 natural resource projects.

Sacramento River Watershed Information Model (SWIM)

The SWIM program allows you to access watershed maps and data.

Salmon and Watersheds Mapping Tool
The Salmon and Watershed Mapping Tool uses a map interface to allow browsing geographically. This tool requires a fast internet connection to be useful. The mapping system includes the outer boundary of the three listed or candidate salmonid species (coho, chinook, and steelhead) provided by NMFS, the latest CalWater data showing planning watersheds and larger aggregations, as well as county boundaries and 1:100,000 scale topographic maps that should allow landowners or project submitters to identify if their ownership would be covered by the new rules.

SPARROW - Surface Water-Quality Modeling

USGS Surface Water-Quality Modeling is based on updated geospacial data and stream-monitoring records from local, State, and other federal agencies.

USEPA - Financially Sustainable Water Infrastructure

Financial resources for State and local governments.

 USEPA - Tools for Clean Water

The Environmental Protection Agency has launched a new set of web tools to better inform citizens about Clean Water Act violations.

USEPA - Surf Your Watershed

The U.S. Environmental Protectin Agency--Surf Your Watershed site allows you to find a specific watershed and navigate to watershed assessments of watershed health, environmental information.

USEPA - Watershed Central

The U.S. Environmental Protectin Agency--Watershed Central site provides state, local, and voluntary watershed management entities with the key tools, resources, guidance, and datasets to aide in a successful watershed management.  This site also includes a link to Watershed Central Wiki.  The Wiki is where you can share tools, case studies, datasets, and any other watershed related resource you have found invaluable.

USGS Science in Your Watershed

The U.S. Geologic Survey has created a web page in order to find scientific information organized on a watershed basis.

USFS Watershed Condition Framework Maps

The US Forest Service site has US and individual state and area watershed condition maps.

Watershed Coordinator Grants 2011 Map

Grant Award Locations are marked in the Hydrologic Regions for the 2011-2014 grant cycle.

Yuba Shed

This information system provides data, documents, photos, maps and tools for people interested in the condition of the Yuba River and its many tributaries.