Land Conservation (Williamson) Act

Legislative Amendments

​ effective January 1, 2006

Assembly Bill 365 (Salinas, Chapter 605)

AB 365 defines a greenhouse a structure covered with transparent or translucent materials that admits natural light and controls the atmosphere for growing plants and includes greenhouses as an agricultural land use under the Williamson Act.

While recognizing the importance of greenhouses in the production of agricultural crops, Governor Schwarzenegger’s signing message noted that AB 365 does not change local prerogative to include greenhouse uses in local Williamson Act definitions of agricultural use or in agricultural zoning ordinances.

Text of AB 365 as Chaptered

Senate Bill 49 (Machado, Chapter 245)

SB 49 allows the assessor to deny a formal review request if there was no supporting evidence to substantiate a recalculation of the property valuation. Additionally upon request by the parties, the assessor is required to provide all information relevant to the valuation, excluding third-party information. SB 49 and amendments made by SB 1820 (Machado, Chapter 794, Statutes of 2004) do not apply to cancellation petitions deemed complete by the local government prior to January 1, 2005.

Text of SB 49 as Chaptered