​​​​​​​Open Space Subvention Survey

2018 Land Conservation Act and Open Space Subvention Act Survey

The 2018 Survey of Participation in the Land Conservation Act and Open Space Subvention Act (OSSA) forms are now available.  They have been posted in two formats, for your convenience​:​

The 2018 Survey in XLS format or the 2018 Survey in XLSM format​​.

Also, please note the mapping and additional reporting requirements​ associated with this process (PDF). 

Please see the instructions for completing and submitting forms and the recently added 2018 Survey of Participation FAQ​ handout for additional help.

The Survey of Participation forms are due to the Department by October 31, 2018.  

Despite elimination of OSSA payments in the FY 18/19 budget, this information is critical in order to document the level of participation in the program and the impact the loss of OSSA payments is having on local governments.  It is the basis for the biennial Land Conservation Act Status Report, which provides information to the Legislature and general public on the status of the Program among counties and cities. 

If you have any questions or problems with the survey form, please contact Farl Grundy, Environmental Planner, at (916) 324-7347.  Or contact us via email at dlrp@conservation.ca.gov.  

Thank you in advance for your assistance.  ​​​​