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Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program
1984 to 2008 TIME SERIES
Tracy, San Joaquin County

Land use change in the Tracy area, 1990-2008. 

In this Image

Changes in this area include conversions from irrigated farmland (green) to urban (red) during this period. Additionally, some land is no longer being actively farmed and is now shown as Farmland of Local Importance (yellow). Information on these changes was gathered from air photos, local comments, and field reconnaissance.

The area shown on this graphic is 10.4 x 8.4 miles in size. Urban acreage increased by more than 5,300 acres witjom the image area between 1990 and 2008.  San Joaquin County had been among the has been among the 'Top 10' counties in urbanization of irrigated farmland since FMMP began mapping it in 1990. The San Joaquin Valley as a whole has been the leading region in conversion of irrigated farmland to Urban throughout FMMP's history.

A brief history of the Tracy area

Tracy was founded in 1878 as a result of a new railroad line from Oakland attaching to the already established line of the Central Pacific Railroad. Many of the first residents and buildings of Tracy were moved from the disbanded railroad town of Ellis. In 1894, the railroad consolidated even more of their operations and moved the railroad services of nearby Lathrop to Tracy.

After the first irrigation district was established in 1915, the agriculture industry rapidly became a driving force in the economy. Tracy is still know for having a strong agriculture base but is growing because of its convenient location. Tracy is just 60 miles from San Francisco and Sacramento and has rapidly become a bedroom community for these larger cities. The city has become know for affordable housing, temperate climate, and family atmosphere.

According to the Department of Finance, Tracy's population grew by 130% from 1990 to 2008 (from 32,450 to 74,667).

Calif​ornia Department of Finance  |  Tracy Chamber of Commerce  |   Cit​y of Tracy​