Data and Maps Summarizing Change Over Time 

With more than twenty years of data in most locations, Important Farmland Maps are now beginning to provide trend and context information to better inform land use decisions in California.  This section of the web site will grow along with the archive of biennial information, so please come back regularly! 

Statistical Summaries and Reports 

FMMP is legislativley mandated to update maps of its survey area, now nearly 50 million acres in size, every two years.  Long-term studies are of high interest but must take a lower priority to the biennial production mandate.  Basic statistical summaries are available (XLS format) for county and statewide data:

Maps and Graphics

Graphical representation of change is available:

  • Regional Urbanization Maps (PDF) depict land that has become urban in yellow along with current Important Farmland data.  These large maps can be viewed through your web browser; all or part of each map can be printed.   Maps include the Sacramento, San Francisco Bay, and San Joaquin Valley regions.  A PDF poster depicting similar change in select Southern California cities is also available.
  • Regional maps of Important Farmland 2012 data are also available (PDF). Maps include the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Northern San Joaquin Valley, Southern San Joaquin Valley, and the San Joaquin Valley (whole valley). 
    The PDF files range from 6 to 17 Mb in size. ​