Enlargements or Regional Maps for Your Area of Interest

Enlargement Examples

Fresno area map

The publication scale of county Important Farmland Maps is 1:100,000 (approximately one inch on paper equal to 1.6 miles on the ground). Many users request custom map enlargements in paper or digital format (JPG, PDF).  These are produced at a nominal fee. 

The PDF documents below are typical examples of map products requested.
Note: these files are 450-750kb in size.

Full size county PDF maps are now available and can be used to zoom in and print your area of interest, starting with the 2006 data. 

Standard product Pajaro Area, Vacaville, Port San Luis
With additional data layers City boundary: Dixon, Palmdale, Redlands
Agricultural easements: Central Yolo
With buffer zones Castroville, Fountain Valley
Indicating change over time Regional urbanization maps are posted on the FMMP FTP site
Statewide and regional maps are also available for purchase.  Please contact FMMP for details.