Important Farmland Maps, Reports, and Statistics

Please use the links below to learn more about the various forms in which Important Farmland data is available. Most data can be accessed directly through the FMMP Product Search page. 

The newest tool for accessing map and statistical data is the California Important Farmland Finder​ (CIFF):

  • Search by county, address, zip code, lat/long coordinates; or the geolocate function on your mobile device. 
  • Place points, digitize areas of interest, and obtain Important Farmland acreages.
    Map Products

    Important Farmland Maps are updated and released every two years.  County, regional, and state maps are produced as standard products; many are available as large PDF files as well as in paper format.  For users with GIS capability, Important Farmland data is posted in ESRI shape file format on the Program's FTP site.    

    Reports and Statistics

    California Farmland Conversion Reports summarize acreage and land use conversion for each two-year update cycle.  Conversion statistics are generated via GIS analysis of individual county data.  This information is aggregated into regional and statewide summaries for the California Farmland Conversion Report. The report's analysis includes comparisons to the prior update period.  Field analyst reports provide more detailed background on the types of change that occurred for individual counties.   ​