Locate Your Area of Interest to Obtain the Most Recent Data

The Important Farmland data is now available in a web-based searchable format, the California Important Farmland Finder​.  We are happy to provide this functionality to facilitate your use of the most recent FMMP data:

  • The application can be used on mobile devices as well as your desktop computer. 
  • Search by county, address, zip code, lat/long coordinates; or the geolocate function on your mobile device. 
  • Place points, digitize areas of interest, and obtain Important Farmland acreages.
    Note: A one mile buffer is available to determine farmland status.  This tool will provide land sellers and agents the data they need to comply with 2009 legislation (AB 2881) for real estate disclosure purposes.  
  • Download your area of interest in shapefile format. 
  • Select a range of base maps and data transparancies to optimize your use. 
  • The newest available data for each county will be active for your search.  Historic data is not currently available on the site.

Elsewhere on the site: County, regional and statewide data search

Please let us know what we can do to improve this application over time, we appreciate your feedback: fmmp@conservation.ca.gov
Additional features for mobile devices are planned in the next update.   
Thank you for your interest!