CFCP Farmland Mitigation Program Forms

High-Speed Rail Agricultural Land Mitigation Grant Program

The 2014 Request for Grant Applications (2014 RFGA), developed for the High-Speed Rail agricultural land mitigation program, is now available.  The 2014 RFGA, Application Form, and supporting documents are used in preparing applications for funding, beginning in November 2014. 

The 2014 RFGA solicits applications for the purchase of agricultural conservation easements on land in counties within the San Joaquin Valley that will contain the alignment and maintenance facilities of the high-speed train system.  The 2014 RFGA contains background on the program as well as instructions for the Application Form.     

All documents are in Word format unless noted. 

2014 Request for Grant Applications (pdf)
Appendix A - Application Form
Pre-proposal Worksheet -- This worksheet is a helpful tool for potential applicants to begin consideration of a property without the large commitment of time to develop a full proposal.
Supporting Documents

Model Easement (coming soon)
Conflict of Interest Notification Requirements and Sample Conflict of Interest Resolutions
Grant Agreement Insurance Requirements 2014
Sample Landowner Letter of Support
Sample Neighboring Landowner Notification Letter
Sample Local Government Resolution of Support
Sample Newspaper Documentation of Public Notice (pdf)  

Please contact CFCP with questions about this new program and the application process. 
Phone: 916-324-0850