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Managing Your DOC CFCP/SALCP/ALMP Grant

The grant management documents below are in Word format.  Grant recipients may contact their Grant Manager​ for an alternate format or for additional information. ALMP grant recipients should refer to the ALMP home page for materials specific to their grants.

Progress Reports

These documents were updated in 2015. Please download the most recent versions for current and future grants.

Interim Progress Report​​​ Form
Final Report Form​​

Invoice Documents

These documents were updated in 2014, please download the most recent versions for current and future grants. 

Agricultural Conservation Easement Invoice Procedures
Sample Invoice for Easement Costs -- to be paid into escrow
Sample Invoice for Easement Associated Costs -- transaction related costs
Sample Invoice for Planning/Policy Grants -- specific to CFCP and HSR

Easement Related Documents

SALCP Model Easement​​
CFCP Model Easement
DOC Easement Annual Monitoring Report Form 

Standard Easement Checklist
Easement Checklist for Projects Including Federal ACEP Funds



Division of Land Resource Protection

Managing Your Grant