Other Resources for Grant Applicants

These documents and web sites provide additional information about agricultural land conservation, agricultural conservation easements, and funding opportunities. 

CFCP's technical assistance regarding land appraisals, the Overview and Preparation of Agricultural Conservation Easement Appraisals (updated August 2014).

The American Farmland T​rust’s California office​ works in conjunction with local land trusts. Their website also includes a number of studies on agricultural preservation in California.

The Land Trust Alliance has training opportunities for land trusts, publications outlining the benefits to landowners of conserving land and a comprehensive list of land trusts in California. 

The California Rangeland Trust works with landowners throughout the state to preserve rangeland agriculture.

The California Council of Land Trusts acts as a unified voice for more than 150 land trusts working in local communities throughout California.  The Council works to build a strong, effective land trust community with the financial and policy resources to protect California's landscapes. 

Additional Funding Sources

The federal Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP, formerly the Farm & Ranch Lands Protection Program), funded through the Federal Farm Bill, provides additional grant funding for agricultural conservation easements and frequently works in collaboration with the CFCP. 

The California Coastal Conservancy  works in California’s coastal zone.

The Wildlife Conservation Board’s  land acquisition program includes funding for conservation easements.