Funding Application Process

The CFCP administers a number of agricultural land conservation easement programs in California.  Each varies in its requirements and the timing for application submittal, based on fund source.  Some fund sources are geographically restricted. 

CFCP staff will work with eligible applicants regarding suitability for funding under any of the programs.  Consultations may include preliminary review of property characteristics to determine the best funding opportunities for that location. 

After completed applications are submitted, they will be reviewed commensurate with the funding source requirements.  Proposals recommended for funding by CFCP will require approval by the Director of the Department of Conservation (Department), with subsequent approvals specific to the fund source and funding partner(s).  Applicants whose projects are approved will then enter into a Grant Agreement with the Department.  The signed Grant Agreement includes a scope of work, budget, and timeline toward securing an agricultural conservation easement with the landowner.  Under State contracting rules, Grant Agreements are for a maximum two year duration. 

Upon recordation of a conservation easement, a press release or other public announcement about the project may be released. Potential applicants should see the Request for Grant Applications for application guidelines.

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