​​​​​​SALC Program​ Funding

The public comment period for the DRAFT FY2017-18 SALC Program Guidelines ​is now open. Public comments will be accepted until 5pm on March 29, 2018.​​

F​or additional information ​on how to comment or get involved, visit our Stakeholder Feedback ​page.

Landowners interested in placing an agricultural conservation easement on their property should contact a land trust in their area to begin the application process. Visit California Council of Land Trusts to find a land trust near you!

​​Have questions? Please contact the SALC Program team at (916) 324-0850 or cfcp@conservation.ca.gov for more information.

The SALC Program is a competitive grant process that awards grant funding based details contained in the grant applications.  We encourage applicants to have all material project details clearly identified in their application.  No significant changes will be allowed to projects after they have been approved by the Strategic Growth Council.

FY 2016-17 Application Materials

Agricultural Land Strategy and Outcome Grants​

Strategy and Outcome Grants Pre-proposal Worksheet

Sustainable Agricultural Land Strategy and Outcome Grants Application Form

Agricultural Conservation Easements (ACEs)

ACE Pre-proposal Worksheet
Sustainable Agricultural Lands ACE Application Form


​FY 2016-17 Background Documents​


​Sample Documents

Strategy and Outcome Sample Documents and Supporting Material
(most recently available documents)

Signed Resolution from Governing Bodies--for projects linked to an ACE

Signed Resolution from Governing Bodies--for projects not linked to an ACE​​​


ACE Sample Documents and Supporting Material
(most recently available documents)

PTR Review Chart (optional)

Sample Landowner Letter of Support
Sample Neighboring Landowner Notification 
Sample Newspaper Documentation of Public Notice
Sample Local Government Resolution of Support 
Conflict of Interest Requirements and Sample of Conflict of Interest Resolutions 
Grant Agreement Insurance Requirements 2014
SALC Program Easement Template​

SALC Program Easement Template (with Checklist​​​)

Overview and Preparation of Agricultural Conservation Easement Appraisals

Disadvantaged Communities (DAC) Status
Disadvantaged Communities Benefits Checklist

ARB's DAC map of the top 25th percentile Disadvantaged Communities​ (per SB 535) ​


Please refer to the Managing Your Grant page for additional forms and templates.

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