The Department of Conservation and its partners offer training in a variety of topics, including the following:
  • Rights, roles, and responsibilities of RCDs: The provisions of Division 9 of the State Public Resources Code govern the functioning of RCDs. To help RCD directors and employees understand Division 9, training is offered in the rights, roles, and responsibilities of RCDs for implementing sound resource conservation.
  • Strategic planning: Division 9 urges RCDs to identify high-priority resource conservation needs within their districts and to create formal plans for how to address them.  The department and its partners can assist RCDs in long-range and annual planning by training directors and employees how to develop a strategic plan using input from other agencies, landowners, and stakeholders in the district.
  • Grant writing and fundraising: RCDs rarely receive ongoing operating funds and must learn to raise money through grants or other means in order to carry out needed conservation work.  The Department of Conservation and its partners thus offer workshops in grant writing and fundraising to train RCD board members and staff where to find support for their programs, how to write effective proposals, and how to follow up and manage grants once they are received.
  • Other administrative training: RCDs may also need assistance in ongoing administrative functions. Because of this, training is offered in such issues as contracting and subcontracting; employee issues, such as hiring and firing; the Brown Act and more. To request a training on a specific topic contact Jenny Di Stefano at

​​​​ Division of Land Resource Protection 

Division of Land Resource Protection