RCD Assistance Program

The California Department of Conservation’s Division of Land Resource Protection supports conservation at the local level by providing assistance to the state's Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs).

This support can take the form of financial assistance through grant programs; administrative education through California Conservation Partnership (CCP) training programs; and information and technical support through the department’s publications and technical assistance program.

The California Conservation Partnership (CCP)

DOC serves as lead agency in a partnership of agencies and organizations coordinating their resources and expertise to help the people of California conserve, enhance and use natural resources in a sustainable and economically viable manner.

The partnership draws from numerous state and federal government agencies as well as other groups such as the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts and the County Supervisor’s Association of California.

One of the CCP's goals is bringing training and educational opportunities to RCDs to help build their capacity to deliver grass roots resource conservation to the people of California.

Technical Assistance

Information on Division 9, the Open Meeting Law (Brown Act), grants, and other topics related to the functioning of RCDs is also available through the Department of Conservation’s technical assistance program. Technical assistance supports the formal training efforts and department publications by providing information as needed to RCDs.


​​​​ Division of Land Resource Protection 

Division of Land Resource Protection