Financial Assistance​ to Resource Conservation Districts

RCD Financial Assistance Program 
​Grant Management Information
Above is the PowerPoint presentation and a recording of the Grant Administration Webinar that took place on August 4, 2017.
Please feel free to contact your assigned DOC Grant Manager with any additional questions.
Funding Request Instructions Information
The Department of Conservation is pleased to announce an opportunity for qualified Resource Conservation Districts (RCD) to apply for funding. The current state budget provides $2.2 million in funding to qualified RCDs. Consistent with the CA Association of Resource Conservation District (CARCD) Vision and Standards document, the purpose of this funding is to help RCDs build capacity and increase effectiveness to have a greater ability to serve their community and address local resource concerns. Increasing the effectiveness of RCDs will result in additional resource conservation and management both locally and throughout the state.

The documents below include the information necessary for RCDs to successfully complete a request for funding and for the Department of Conservation (Department) to evaluate whether the request meets the necessary requirements for the State of California (State) to enter into an interagency agreement with the RCD. The Funding Request will include the Narrative Work Plan Form, Work Plan Form(s), Budget Form, and REV Eligibility Form (if applicable), Cover Page, and Funding Request Checklist. 

Funding Request 
Funding Request Instructions​ (pdf)

The MS Word documents below should be downloaded, completed, and returned as specified in the instructions. 

Exhibit A: Work Plan Narrative Form (MS Word)

Exhibit B: Financial Assistance Work Plan Form (MS Word)

​Exhibit D: REV Eligibility Form (MS Word)

Exhibit E: Eligible REV Costs (pdf)

Exhibit F: Request Cover Page (MS Word)

Exhibit G: Funding Request Checklist (MS Word)

Exhibit H: Uploading Documents to Box User Instructions (pdf)

Exhibit I:  Glossary of Terms (pdf)

Exhibit J:  Public Resources Code Section 9084 and Section 9413​ (pdf)


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