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Advertisement for Bids Water Conservation and Storage Project  (Gold Ridge RCD)

Advertisement for Bids Turf Replacement Project (Gold Ridge RCD)

Contractor Certification Application (RCD of Greater San Diego)

Contractor Information and Form (Humboldt County RCD)

Contractor Interest Survey (Shasta Valley RCD) 2015

Contractor Notice and Form (Trinity County RCD) 2015

Contract for Service Agreement Template (for Sub-Contractors)

Hiring an Independent Contractor

Invitation to Bid (Coastal San Luis RCD)

Subcontractor Project Suspension Letter (San Joaquin County RCD)


Job Announcements/Descriptions

Conservation Crew Leader

Conservation Technician 

Conservation Planner

District Manager

Ecologist RCDMC​

Education Coordinator

Environmental Scientist I Job Description

Executive Director

Irrigation Specialist

Land Manager Crew Job Description

Office Manager

Resource Technician

Restoration Field Technician

Restoration-Watershed Projects Manager 

Summer Interns

Watershed Coordinator - Glenn County RCD


Labor Compliance

Santa Cruz RCD Labor Compliance Annual Report 2013

San Mateo RCD Labor Compliance Annual Report 2013


​Personnel Management

Board vs. Staff Roles

Board vs. Staff Worksheet​​​​​​​​​​

Comp Time Agreement

Employment Application Toulumne

Employment Application Humboldt

GCRCD Personnel Polices

Notice of Executive Director Absence

Quiz: Board vs. Staff?

Tahoe RCD Employee Handbook


Required Postings

Harrassment Literature

California Law Prohibits Workplace Discrimination and Harassment (Poster)

Government Code section 12950 and California Code of Regulations, title 2, section 11013, require all employers to post this document. It must be conspicuously posted in hiring offices, on employee bulletin boards, in employment agency waiting rooms, union halls, and other places employees gather.

Sexual Harrassment Pamphlet (Department of Fair Employement and Housing)

All employers are required to distribute a sexual harrasment fact sheet to all employees. Employers can use the above pamphlet or create their own fact sheet that meets the requirements of Government Code section 12950(b). 



Paid Sick Days Poster Template

Timesheet template excel

Staff Report Template


​​​​ Division of Land Resource Protection 

Division of Land Resource Protection