Laws & Regulations

Laws and regulations related to DLRP programs are available at the links below.  


Legal/Regulatory Web References

California Statutes and Regu​lations for thDivision of Land Resource Protection​​Pertinent legislation for all Programs under the Division of Land Resource Protection
(Business and Professions Code, Civil Code, ​Code of Civil Procedure, Food and Agricultural Code, Government Code, ​Public Resources Code, Revenue and Taxation)
California Farmland Conservancy Program​ Pertinent legislation
(Public Resources Code, Code of Regulations)
Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program Program legislation
(Government Code, Public Resources Code)
Right to Farm Real Estate Disclosure
​Land Conservation (Williamson) Act ProgramPertinent legislation 
(Government Code, Revenue & Taxation Code, Code of Regulations)
Resource Conservation District (RCD) Assistance Program Available in the RCD Guidebook
(Public Resources Code)
​Watershed Program Click here for information