Our Mission

The Division of Land Resource Protection (DLRP) provides information, maps, funding and technical assistance to local governments, consultants, Resource Conservation Districts (RCD) and non-profit organizations statewide with the goal of conserving the state’s agricultural and natural resources. Our work is organized along two primary functions, Conservation Program Support and Financial Assistance. 

The Division is led by:

Kathryn Lyddan, Director

Mandy Latzen, Deputy Director
Division of Land Resource Protection
801 K Street, MS 14-15
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 324-0850

Conservation Program Support

This unit includes administration of the technical, scientific, and conservation aspects of DLRP:

  • Land Conservation (Williamson) Act Program
    • Open Space Subventions
    • Farmland Security Zones
    • Solar-Use Easements
  • Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program
  • California Farmland Conservancy Program
    Including conservation easements funded under the Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program (SALCP), and the High Speed Rail Agricultural Land Mitigation Program.

For questions regarding the Conservation Program Support unit, please contact (916) 324-0850;​​ or via each programs email address:dlrp@conservation.ca.govfmmp@conservation.ca.gov; cfcp@conservation.ca.gov

Financial Assistance Unit

This unit includes the administration of grant programs at DLRP:

  • Sustainable Communities Planning Grants and Incentives Program
  • Watershed Coordinator Grants
  • Resource Conservation District Assistance

For questions regarding the Financial Assistance unit, please contact (916) 324-0850; or via the program email addresses: SGCSustainablecommunities@conservation.ca.gov; watershed@conservation.ca.gov; rcd@conservation.ca.gov​. ​​​