1997 Uniform Building Code Ground Shaking Criteria

by Charles Kircher and Robert Bachman

Kircher, Charles, and Robert Bachman (1997). 1997 Uniform Building Code Ground Shaking Criteria. SMIP97 Seminar on Utilization of Strong-Motion Data, p. 29 - 38.

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The recently published 1997 Uniform Building Code incorporates two significant changes to the ground shaking criteria which apply to all structures. The first change is a revision to soil types and soil amplification factors. The second change is the incorporation of near source factors in UBC seismic Zone 4. Together these changes result in the largest increases in code ground shaking criteria which has occurred in the past 30 years. Records obtained from the strong motion Instrumentation Program (SMIP) along with USGS records were the primary sources of data used to justify these code changes.