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Effects of Duration on Structural Response Factors and on Ground-Motion Damageability

by R.T. Sewell

Sewell, R.T. (1992). Effects of Duration on Structural Response Factors and on Ground-Motion Damageability. SMIP92 Seminar on Seismological and Engineering Implications of Recent Strong-Motion Data, p. 7-1 - 7-15.

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Ground-motion records from the California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP) and from other sources are used to examine relationships between strong-motion duration, elastic strength demands, structural response factors, and inelastic strength demands, as derived from analytical study.

Structural response factors R are found to have generally slight systematic dependence on strong-motion duration, but they do have a more direct, if not fundamental, relationship to characteristics of elastic response spectra. In addition to the general lack of correlation between R and duration, both elastic and inelastic strength demands (and hence, ground-motion damageability also) show little apparent consistent systematic correlations with duration.

Results of this study imply that seismic load specifications, for safety analysis or design of buildings, can generally be adequately described by appropriate ground-motion spectra without the need to explicitly specify an associated duration.