Animation of Ground Shaking For California Earthquakes

by Timothy I. Mote and John A. Egan

Mote, Timothy I. and John A. Egan (2005). Animation of Ground Shaking For California Earthquakes. SMIP05 Seminar on Utilization of Strong-Motion Data, p. 19 - 36.

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An animation tool for visualizing ground shaking amplitude, oscillations, and duration using existing strong-motion datasets was developed to help interpretation and understanding of strong-motion propagation and attenuation. The system uses readily available strong-motion datasets, seismic velocities, and the ShakeMap model to interpolate ground motions by time-shifting and amplitude-scaling proximal records across a study area. The animation system essentially adds a temporal dimension to the ShakeMap model. Five significant historical California earthquake animations were developed with this system (1999 Hector Mine, 1992 Landers, 1989 Loma Prieta, 1994 Northridge, and 2004 Parkfield earthquakes).