Rehabilitation of the California State Capitol

by Joseph Nicolletti

Nicolletti, Joseph (2004). Rehabilitation of the California State Capitol. SMIP04 Seminar on Utilization of Strong-Motion Data, p. 137 - 150.

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Structural evaluation, in 1974, of the historic California State Capitol identified a number of deficiencies in the 100-year old unreinforced masonry structure with respect to the seismic hazard at the site. Extensive structural and functional rehabilitation of the building was performed while retaining the historic exterior of the building and the interior rotunda. The preliminary structural design was in accordance with the California State Building Code, Title 24. The results of a site-specific seismicity study by the California Department of Transportation were utilized to perform soil-structure interaction analyses to obtain ground motion at the foundation level. Linear dynamic analyses with t his motion provided close correlation with the preliminary design.