Improved Shaking and Damage Parameters for Post-Earthquake Applications

by Yousef Bozorgnia and Vitelmo Bertero

Bozorgnia, Yousef, and Vitelmo Bertero (2001). Improved Shaking and Damage Parameters for Post-Earthquake Applications. SMIP01 Seminar on Utilization of Strong-Motion Data, p. 1 - 22.

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In this study, various ground shaking, response and damage parameters are examined for post-earthquake applications. Peak ground motion values, elastic response spectra, spectrum intensity, drift spectrum, inelastic spectra, and hysteretic energy spectrum are examined. Two improved damage spectra are also examined. The improved damage spectra will be zero if the response remains elastic, and will be unity when the displacement capacity under monotonic deformation is reached. Furthermore, the proposed damage spectra can be reduced to the special cases of normalized hysteretic energy and displacement ductility spectra. The proposed damage spectra are promising for various seismic vulnerability studies and post-earthquake applications.