TriNet Engineering Strong Motion Data Center

by Anthony Shakal and Criag Scrivner

Shakal, Anthony, and Criag Scrivner (2000). TriNet Engineering Strong Motion Data Center. SMIP2000 Seminar on Utilization of Strong-Motion Data, p. 115 - 124.

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The TriNet project greatly increases the number of strong motion recordings available after significant earthquakes. A means of communicating that data to the earthquake engineering community in the aftermath of major earthquakes is described, which can be viewed as an Internet based evolution of the customary Quick Reports and full data reports produced after significant earthquakes. A second evolution is that the post-earthquake data collection will be multi- agency. In parallel, the low-amplitude records obtained at modern strong motion stations will routinely be made available through the seismological data center of the Southern California Earthquake Center for seismological analysis.