Proceedings of SMIP99 Seminar on Utilization of Strong-Motion Data

September 15, 1999

San Francisco, California


Edited by Moh Huang

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Table of Contents


Site Response Study of Weak and Strong Motion Including Nonlinearity
Feng Su, Yuehua Zeng, John Anderson and Vladimir Graizer


Vertical Ground Motion: Characteristics, Relationship with Horizontal Components, and Building Code Implications
Yousef Bozorgnia, Kenneth Campbell and Mansour Niazi


Seismic Performance of Four Instrumented Steel Moment Resisting Frame Buildings during the January 17, 1994 Northridge Earthquake
Farzad Naeim, Roy Lobo, Konstantinos Skliros and Marcello Sgambelluri


Evaluation of Soil-Structure Interaction Effects from Strong Motion Recordings
Jonathan P. Stewart


Evaluation of Response of a Tall Concrete Frame Building to Multiple Earthquakes
Gary Hart, M. Skokan, A. Dumortier and S. Huang


The Consortium of Organizations for Strong-Motion Observation System (COSMOS) - Mission and Objectives
Bruce Bolt


Toward a Common Format for Strong-Motion Data
Tony Shakal and Roger Borcherdt


On the Development of "User-Friendly" Interfaces for the Use of Strong-Motion Data on the Internet
Roger Borcherdt and Tony Shakal


A Virtual Strong-Motion Data Center for Data Dissemination through the Internet
R. Archuleta, A. Tumarkin, G. Lindley, A. Shakal and R. Borcherdt