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Proceedings of SMIP91 Seminar on Seismological and Engineering Implications of Recent Strong-Motion Data

May 30, 1991

Sacramento, California


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Table of Contents


Source, Path, and Site Ground Motion Model of the Loma Prieta Earthquake: Preliminary Results
W. Silva and C. Stark


The Influence of Critical Moho Reflections on Strong Ground Motion Attenuation in California
P. Somerville, N. Smith, R. Graves and D. Dreger


Strong Shaking Directions From the 18 October 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and Aftershocks in San Francisco and Oakland
J. Vidale and 0. Bonamassa


Evaluation of Structural Response Factors Using Ground Motions Recorded During the Loma Prieta Earthquake
E. Miranda and V. Bertero


Evaluating Design Provisions and Actual Performance of a Modern High-Rise Steel Structure
A. Astaneh, D. Bonowitz and C. Chen


Degradation of Plywood Roof Diaphragms Under Multiple Earthquake Loading
J. Bouwkamp, R. Hamburger and J. Gillengerten


Evaluation of Code Accidental Torsional Provisions Using Strong Motion Records From Regular Buildings
J. De la LLera and A. Chopra


Torsional Response Characteristics of Regular Buildings Under Different Seismic Excitation Level
H. Sedarat, S. Gupta and S. Werner


Seismic Performance Investigation of the Hayward-Bart Elevated Section Instrumented Under CSMIP
J. Penzien, W. Tseng and M. Yang


Analysis of the Recorded Response of Lexington Dam During Various Levels of Ground Shaking
F. Makdisi, C.Y. Chang, Z. Wang and C. Mok


Soil-Foundation-Structure Behavior at the Oakland Outer Harbor Wharf
G. Norris, R. Siddharthan, Z. Zafir, S. Abdel-Ghaffar and P. Gowda


Response of Base-Isolated Structures in Recent Californian Earthquakes
J. Kelly, I. Aiken and P. Clark


Analysis of a Two Story Oakland Office building During the Loma Prieta Earthquake
F. McClure


Correlation Between Recorded Building Data and Non-Structural Damage During the Loma Prieta Earthquake
S. Rihal


An Investigation of Serviceability Requirements of the 1988 UBC Seismic Provisions
C. Uang and A. Maarouf


Dynamic Amplification of Ground Motions by Low-Rise, Stiff Shear Wall Buildings
J . Raggett and C . Rojahn