Proceedings of SMIP89 Seminar on Seismological and Engineering Implications of Recent Strong-Motion Data

May 9, 1989

Sacramento, California


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Table of Contents

Overview of The Strong Motion Instrumentation Program - May 1989
A.F. Shakal and M.J. Huang


Influence of Focal Mechanism On Peak Accelerations of Strong Motions of the Whittier Narrows, California Earthquake and an Aftershock
J. Vidale


A Simple Crustal Structure Satisfying Strong Ground Motion Between Whittier and North Palm Springs
R.J. Archuleta and Ruth A. Harris


Damage Potential of Whittier Narrows Earthquake Ground Motions
H. Krawinkler and A. Nassar


Implications of Strong Motion Data For Design of Reinforced Concrete Bearing Wall Buildings
J.P. Moehle


Correlation Studies of Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Moment Resisting Frames
F.C. Filippou


Seismic Response of the Puddingstone and Cogswell Dams in the 1987 Whittier Narrows Earthquake
R.B. Seed, J.D. Bray, R.W. Boulanger and H.B. Seed


Interpretation of Rio Dell Freeway Response During Six Recorded Earthquake Events
K. Romstad, B. Maroney and M. Chajes


Building Vibration Characteristics From Recorded Data
G.C. Pardoen


Earthquake Response of Foothill Communities Law & Justice Center
G.C. Hart


Soil-Structure Effects in Building Response
G.L. Fenves


Engineering Interpretation of the Responses of Three Instrumented Buildings in San Jose
S.A. Mahin, R. Boroschek and C. Zeris


*Manuscript not available at the time of printing.