Proceedings of SMIP02 Seminar on Utilization of Strong-Motion Data

May 2, 2002

Los Angeles, California


Edited by Moh Huang

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Table of Contents


ShakeMap: Its Role in Pre-Earthquake Planning and Post-Earthquake Response and Information
David Wald, C. Bruce Worden, Vincent Quitoriano and James Goltz


Guidelines for Utilizing Strong-Motion and ShakeMap Data in Post-Earthquake Response: An Overview
Christopher Rojahn, Craig Comartin and Stephanie King


Guidelines for Utilizing ShakeMaps for Post-Earthquake Response
Stephanie King, Craig Comartin, Evan Reis, Sarah Nathe and Maurice Power


Guidelines for Utilizing Strong-Motion Data for Post-Earthquake Evaluation of Structures
Christopher Rojahn, A. Gerald Brady and Craig Comartin


Improved Damage Parameters for Post-Earthquake Applications
Yousef Bozorgnia and Vitelmo Bertero


Correlation of Observed Building performance with Measured Ground Motion
Stephanie King, Anne Kiremidjian, Pooya Sarabandi and Matthew Skokan


Analysis of Pacoima Dam Using Recently Recorded Seismic Motions : Report on Progress
John Hall and Steven Alves


Rapid Dissemination of Strong-Motion Data via the Internet Quick Report at the CISN Engineering Data Center
Kuo-Wan Lin, Anthony Shakal, Moh Huang, Christopher Stephens and Woody Savage


Development of an Engineering Model of the Amplitude and Duration Effects of Basin Generated Surface Waves
Paul Somerville, Nancy Collins, Robert Graves, and Arben Pitarka


Strategies and Criteria for Selecting Buildings for ANSS Strong-Motion Instrumentation
J. Carl Stepp


Development of Archiving and Web Dissemination of Geotechnical Data
Jennifer Swift and J. Carl Stepp