​​​To submit school projects for CGS review:

CGS requires a physical check and two wet-signed copies of the contract document (Work Order).  CGS will return one completed Work Order to the originator.  All other documents should be uploaded directly, using the link below.  Projects will not be processed until all the documents have been received.

• Upload the following items:
    • Geologic hazard reports, geotechnical reports, seismic reports
    • Site Data Report from registered design professional in responsible charge (as required by CBC
    • Application and Work Order Form
      (print and sign 2 hardcopies of Work Order, which must be mailed) 
    • Current site plan

     CGS uses Box.com cloud site to transfer files.  Each file must be uploaded separately, but after each
     document is uploaded, there is an option to upload another.  CGS will receive email notification that
     documents have been uploaded.

     All file names should start with the name of the school so that CGS can associate all the files together,
     and connect them with the payment received via mail.  A note can also be added to the “Description”
     field of the upload tool.

• Submit the following items via mail
    • TWO signed copies of the Application and Work Order Form 
    • Payment
    • Any of the items from the list above that cannot be submitted electronically to the box.

• Mailing Address:
                California Geological Survey
                School Review Unit
                801 K Street, MS 12-32
                Sacramento, CA  95814

• Cost:     $3,600 flat cost (check payable to California Geological Survey)

• Responses to CGS Comments:
        Responses to CGS comments may also be uploaded to the box (link above).  The file name should
        start with the name of the school, and the CGS project number should be provided in the “Description”
        field of the upload tool.

• See also Frequently Asked Questions