B 198 Urban Geology Master Plan for California, 1973, 112 p. $8.00
CD 2000-001 California Minerals and Mines, 2000
This searchable CD-ROM contains approximately 1000 scanned photographs of minerals and mines. Mineral text includes physical properties, classification, crystallography, mineral uses, etc. Mine images include both current and historical photographs.


CD 98-001 California Gold Mines—A Sesquicentennial Photograph Collection, 1998. This CD-ROM contains 300 black and white photographs depicting California gold mines, miners, techniques and equipment and featuring a historic gold mines map, glossary of mining terms and "slide show". $15.00
MM 9 Map of California Historic Gold Mines. The California Gold Discovery to Statehood Sesquicentennial (1998-2000) Edition, 1998, scale 1:1,500,000 $14.00 Rolled
MS 52 Aggregate Sustainability in California. (Updated 2012) 
2002, scale 1:1,100,000. Click here to download the report and map.


SP 34 Geology of Placer Deposits, 1970 $5.00
SP 41 Basic Placer Mining, 1946 $5.00
SP 49 California Jade, A Collection of of Reprints, 1976 $8.00
SP 51


California Surface Mining and Reclamation Policies and Procedures, prepared by the California State Mining and Geology Board in cooperation with Office of Mine and Reclamation and Division of Mines and Geology. Third revision, January 2000. Contents: Surface Mining and Reclamation Act and Related Codes, State Mining and Geology Board Regulations, State Mining and Geology Board Guidelines. 168 p. $30.00
SP 59 Proceedings of Mines Land Reclamation Workshop, June 11-12, 1980, 1982 $8.00
SP 69 An Annotated Bibliography of Geothermal Information Published or Authored by Staff of the California Division of Mines and Geology, 1984 $8.00
SP 87 Placer Gold Recovery Methods, 1986 $8.00
SP 94 Minerals for Industry, Northern California Volume II, Summary of Geological Survey of 1955-1961 $8.00
SP 95 Minerals for Industry, Southern California Volume III, Summary of Geological Survey of 1955-1961 $8.00
SP 98 Fluvial Geomorphology and River-Gravel Mining: A Guide for Planners, Case Studies included, 1990 $11.00
SP 105 Industrial Minerals in California: Economic Importance, Present Availability, and Future Development, (reprinted from U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1958) $11.00
SP 110 29th Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals: Proceedings, 1995, 355 p. This volume includes 28 papers plus poster abstracts and list of participants. $40.00
SR 100 Short Contributions to California Geology, 1969
  • Clay Mobility, Portuguese Bend [Los Angeles County], California
  • The Chemical 'Fingerprinting' of Acid Volcanic Rocks [Colusa, Inyo, Lake, Lassen, Modoc, Mono, and Napa Counties, California]
  • Cretaceous and Eocene Coccoliths at San Diego [San Diego County], California
  • Stratigraphy and Petrology of the Lost Burro Formation, Panamint Range [Inyo County], California
  • Rapid Method of Sampling Diatomaceous Earth
SR 163 Surface and Groundwater Management in Surface Mined-Land Reclamation, 1989 $8.00