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Geologic Excursions in Northern California: San Francisco to the Sierra Nevada (For Joint Meeting of Geological Society of America and Seismological Society of America), 1991, 130 p.

  • Geological Setting of the San Francisco Bay Area
    San Francisco to Point Reyes: Both Sides of the San Andreas Fault
  • Quaternary Tectonics of the Northern San Andreas Fault, San Francisco Peninsula, Point Reyes, and Point Arena, California
  • Depositional and Other Features of the Merced Formation in Sea Cliff Exposures South of San Francisco, California
  • Tectonic Framework of the Loma Prieta Area
  • Field Trip Guide to the Geology of Sonoma County
  • Guide to the Geology of the Berkeley Hills, Central Coast Ranges, California
  • Soils, Paleosoils, and Quaternary Sediments Offset Along the Hayward Fault at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, Richmond, California
  • Franciscan Complex, Coast Range Ophiolite and Great Valley Sequence: Pacheco Pass to Del Puerto Canyon, California
  • Sutter Buttes Field Trip Guide
  • Comparison of Structural and Metamorphic Histories of Terranes in the Western Metamorphic Belt, Sierra Nevada, California













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SP 114 Cover

Field Guide to the Geology and Metamorphism of the Franciscan Complex and Western Metamorphic Belt of Northern California (for the International Symposium "The Transition from Basalt to Metabasalt: Environments, Processes, and Petrogenesis"), 1992, 78 p.

  • Metamorphism and Tectonic Origin of Franciscan Metabasites and a Field Trip Guide to Three Localities in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Tectonic Setting and Metamorphism of the Sierra Nevada, California
  • Metamorphic Features of the Smartville Complex, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
  • A Glimpse of the Central and Feather River Belts, Northern Sierra Nevada
  • Geology of the Eastern Belt of the Northern Sierra Nevada









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SP 119 Cover

Geologic Field Trips in Northern California (For the Cordilleran Section of the Geological Society of America), 1999, 254 p.

  • The Franciscan Complex, San Francisco Bay Area: A Record of Subduction Complex Processes
  • Sedimentary and Facies Architecture of High-Density Sediment-Gravity-Flow Deposits, Paleocene, Santa Lucia Range, California
  • Accretionary Tectonics of the Western Sierra Nevada Metamorphic Belt
  • A Discussion of Geology, Soils, Wines and History of the Napa Valley Region
  • Depositional and Other Features of the Merced Formation in Sea Cliff Exposures South of San Francisco, California
  • Mesozoic Convergent Margin of Central California
  • The Del Puerto Ophiolite: Petrology and Tectonic Setting
  • The Hayward Fault—Source of the Next Big Quake?
  • Earthquakes on the Calaveras Fault: Fact or fiction? The Geology, Seismology and Paleoseismicity of the Calaveras Fault
  • The San Andreas Fault Zone Near Point Reyes: Late Quaternary Deposition, Deformation, and Paleoseismicity
  • Geology and Natural History of the Central Coast Ranges: Berkeley to Bodega Head, California
  • Sequence Stratigraphy and Incised Valley Architecture of the Domengine Formation, Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, California
  • Geology and Environmental Geochemistry of Mercury and Gold Deposits in the Northern Part of the California Coast Range Mercury Mineral Belt
  • Representative Industrial Mineral Mines of the San Francisco Bay Region: Sand and Gravel, Crushed Rock, and Limestone Sutter Buttes













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Special Publication 122 cover

Field Guide to the Geology and Tectonics of the Northern Sierra Nevada (For the National Association of Geoscience Teachers Far-Western Section), 212 p., amply illustrated with color maps, photos, and diagrams.

  • Ultramafic Rocks in the Feather River Belt, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
  • Devonian Sierra Buttes Formation in the Jamison Lake Area: Involvement of Ancient Continental Crust in Magma Genesis
  • Geology of the Late Paleozoic Island Arc in the Northern Sierra Terrane
  • The Beacon Point Formation, Sierra County, California: A Jurassic Tectonic Boundary
  • Characteristics and Emplacement of an Early Cretaceous Dike Swarm and Stock in the Lakes Basin, Northern Sierra Nevada
  • Tertiary Volcanic Rocks of the Blairsden Area, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
  • Neotectonics of the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra Nevada-Basin and Range Transition, California, with Field Trip Stop Descriptions for the Northeastern Sierra Nevada










B 183 Franciscan and Related Rocks and Their Significance in the Geology of Western California, 1964, 177 p., 2 plates (scale 1:4,800,000), 35 figures, 82 photos, and 18 tables.


California Parklands



Geology of the Calaveras Big Trees State Park, Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties, California, 1984 [black and white map and report prepared for state park planning purposes]


Geology of the Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz County, California, 1984 [black and white map and report prepared for state park planning purposes]


General Interest Items


California Geology magazine

Our full-color magazine is no longer being published, however back issues are available digitally through the California Geology Magazine database. The magazine provides you with information about the geology, mineral resources, mining history, and geologic hazards of California. Each issue also contains a Teacher Feature, one to three pages especially for teachers and students. You'll also find book reviews.


CD 2000-001







CD 98-001 Cover

California Minerals and Mines, 2000

DMG Library staff has selected, researched, and scanned approximately 1000 photographs on minerals and mines and placed them on a searchable CD-ROM. Learn about minerals, including their physical properties, classifications, chemical formulas, crystal structures, specimen descriptions, and uses. Explore some of California's mines, both current and historical, all with the click of a mouse. The CD is searchable by mineral name, mineral classification, mineral use, and mine name. Features include a map search, automated slide show, glossary, articles on mineral and rock collecting, a section on mining and reclamation, and several mining and mineral quizzes. The CD-ROM is print-capable.

CD 98-001






CD 98-001 Cover

California Gold Mines—A Sesquicentennial Photograph Collection, 1998

This CD-ROM contains 300 black and white photographs depicting California gold mines, miners, techniques and equipment and featuring a historic gold mines map, glossary of mining terms and "slide show".

Currently unavailable

MM 9

Map of California Historic Gold Mines. The California Gold Discovery to Statehood Sesquicentennial (1998-2000) Edition, 1998, scale 1:1,500,000