Questions and Answers Section

1.  What types of CGS Publications are there and what do they mean?
2.  Why can't I select more than one selection for searching publications?
3.  Where can I find the definitions of the fields in the database results table?
4.  Email comments and suggestions?


  • AMM - Aeromagnetic Map
    Aeromagnetic contours superimposed on RGM color geologic maps.

  • B - Bulletin
    Bulletin Bulletins address issues of state-wide or regional importance, often in a comprehensive treatment.

  • BGA - Bouguer Gravity Atlas of California
    Bouguer Gravity contours superimposed on GAM color geologic maps.

  • BGM - Bouguer Gravity Map
    Bouguer Gravity contours superimposed on RGM color geologic maps.

  • CD - Compact Disc
    These discs contain such data as digital files, graphics files and reports, presented in several formats. CGS Notes Short one- to four-page summaries of specific subjects which are most requested by the public.

  • CR - County Report
    Mine and mineral resource information for counties.

  • GAM - Geologic Atlas of California
    1:250,000-scale geologic maps that show California geology in time-stratigraphic units. Originally statewide in scope, these maps have a unified legend and color scheme.

  • GDM - Geologic Data Map
    1:750,000-scale maps showing statewide geologic and geohazard information.

  • LSImap - Landslide Inventory Map Series
    A series of 1:24,000-scale maps that show the locations of existing landslides .

  • MS - Map Sheet
    Principally a map with a short text or explanatory legend.

  • OFR - Open-File Report
    May be any coherent report, map, or other information for immediate release.

  • SHR - Seismic Hazard Zone Report
    Summarizes the methods and sources of information to prepare the Seismic Hazard Zone Map.

  • SHZmap - Seismic Hazard Zone Map
    1:24,000-scale maps that identify potential areas of liquefaction and earthquake-induced landslides per the Seismic Hazards Mapping Act.

  • SP - Special Publication
    Special Publications are of more limited scope than Special Reports, for topics such as program plans or results of special activities, or a reprinted portion of an out-of-print publication.

  • SR - Special Report
    Special Reports deal with local topics and are limited in scope or real extent.

  • PR - Preliminary Report
    Similar to Open-File Reports, but are generally printed in larger quantities and are to be followed by a report which is more comprehensively edited. 

  • RGM - Regional Geologic and Geophysical Map
    1:250,000-scale geologic maps with individually tailored legends. Typically these maps are more detailed than GAM products. Map colors of common units typically do not vary from sheet to sheet, but identical colors may be used for different formations on different sheets.

2.     The application currently allows a user to search by a particular year, county or type of publication.  We are not allowing a user, for example, to enter a county and year and gets results for both criteria.  As we introduce new functionality to the search application we will allow the user to search based on more than one criteria.  We will have this option available as we add improvements.

3.     The following is a list of the fields that are displayed when a search is performed.

PUB ID  =  Publication ID Number
Title   =  Title of Publication
Year  =  Year of Publication
Price  =  Price for ordering the Publication (does not include shipping and handling charges).  An "F" or "R" may follow a price for a publication.  This indicates that a flat ("F") or rolled ("R") map version is included with the publication.
Author  =  Author(s) involved in writing Publication
Type  =  Type of Publication
County  =  County the Publication covers

4.  Please email for any comments and suggestions.