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All of the following items are available for purchase through our Menlo Park Office.


California Geological Survey Maps

  • Geologic Atlas of California
  • Regional Geologic Map Series
  • Geologic Data Maps
  • Geophysical Maps
  • Bouguer Gravity Maps
  • California Continental Margin Geologic Maps
  • Aeromagnetic Maps
  • Bouguer Gravity Atlas
  • Seismic Hazard Zone Maps
  • Earthquake Fault Zone Maps (CD)
  • Map Sheets

California Geological Survey Reports

  • Bulletins
  • Special Reports
  • California Geological Survey Notes
  • Fault Evaluation Reports (CD)
  • Special Publications
  • Preliminary Reports
  • County Reports
  • Open-File Reports
  • Fault Investigation Reports (CD)

USGS Topographic Maps

1:24,000 scale
(7.5 minute)
1:100,000 scale
(30 x 60 minute)
1:250,000 scale
(1 x 2 degree)
State Maps
(1:500k and 1:1M scale)
California maps onlyCalifornia maps onlyCalifornia maps onlyNorthern California maps
Southern California maps
$8.00 each$9.00 each$9.00 each$9.00 each

Other Maps

  • National Forest Maps (California)
  • BLM (Surface Management) Maps (California)
  • Single Sheet World Map
  • Three Sheet World Map
  • National Park Maps (California)
  • Earthquake Maps (California)

USGS Thematic Map Series

California only

MF Miscellaneous Field Studies MapOC Oil & Gas Investigations Chart
I Miscellaneous Investigations MapSIM Science Investigations Map
GQ Geologic Quadrangle MapSIR Science Investigations Report 
GP Geophysical Investigations Map 
OM Oil & Gas Investigations Map

USGS Books

Selected Bulletins, Professional Papers for California only.

We DO NOT stock USGS Open-File Reports or Water Resource Investigations.