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California Geology magazine is no longer being published. The index below dates back to 1971 and shows issues of California Geology that are currently available. This list does not include the Mineral Information Service magazine (1948-1970). Out of print issues are not included on this list. Please note that we are low in stock of pre-1987 copies of the magazine. As a rule, the last issue of every volume (year) contains an index to that volume, listed by topic, location and author. Back issues of California Geology magazine may be purchased for $2.00 each. To order, please go to Ordering CGS Publications.

2001-Volume 54

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001: Using New Technology to Solve an Old Mystery (Racetrack Playa, Death Valley); Surveying the Latest Pictures From Mars; Digital Database of Faults from the Fault Activity Map of California and Adjacent Areas; Teacher Feature- Southern California Museums.
MARCH/APRIL 2001: Death Valley's Visible History; Southern California 2000 Seismicity M4.5 and Larger Earth- quakes and Historical Context; Map Sheet 49; Map Sheet 50; DMG OFR 99-09; Seismic Hazard Zone Maps; GEOLOGY NEWS REPORT; Teacher Feature-Northern California Museums.
MAY/JUNE 2001: Is My House In a Seismic Hazards Zone; Marine Inundation of a Late Miocene Forest: Stratigraphy and Tectonic Evolution of the Saint George Formation, Crescent City, California; Book Reviews; NEW ITEM, Postcard from California--Simplified Geologic Map of California; Teacher Feature-Nicaragua's Cerro Negro Stratovolcano.
JULY/AUGUST 2001: Late Quaternary Faulting in San Diego Bay and Hazard to the Coronado Bridge, Surprising Museum in the Desert and History of Shoshone, California, Teacher Feature -- Fossil Finds in the Los Angeles Subway. Download PDF of this issue.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2001: Russian Dinosaurs in Sacramento; Fluid-Inclusion Studies of Hydrothermal Minerals from Geothermal Drill Holes at Medicine Lake Volcano, Northern California; California’s Non-Fuel Mineral Production 2000; Teacher Feature--Earth Science Week; Geology Tours Offered by the Desert Institute—Joshua Tree National Park. Download PDF of this issue.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2001: Overview of Division of Mines and Geology Activities 2000-2001; The Challenge of Earthquake Loss; Seismic Hazards Mapping Program; The Mineral Resources Program in 2000/2001; Strong-Motion Instrumentation Network Status; Regional Geologic and Hazards Mapping; THP Enforcement and Watershed Restoration Program; North Coast Watersheds Assessment Program; Library Challenges: Information Access, Storage, and Customer Service Issues in the Digital Age; Index to Volume 54—2001; Dear California Geology Subscribers (Letter from James F. Davis Regarding California Geology Magazine); California Geology Subscriber Survey.

2000-Volume 53

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2000: Scientific Drilling in Long Valley Caldera, Califomia-An Update; The October 16, 1999 M ' 7.1 Hector Mine Earthquake-An Initial Response; Sneak Preview of DMG's Mineral and Mines CD-ROM; DMG Library Celebrates Earth Science Week; Teacher Feature-The Mystery of Petroglyphs.
MARCH/APRIL 2000: The Demise of the San Bruno Fault; Southern California Seismicity Summary-1999; Northern California 1999 Seismicity; Teacher Feature-Earthquake! Earthquake!! Earthquake!!!
MAY/JUNE 2000: A Discussion of Geology, Soils, Wines and History of the Napa Valley Region; Making Portland Cement in California; In Memory of Gordon W. Chase; Teacher Feature-Geoscience Challenge.
JULY/AUGUST 2000: Are Soils Endangered; California Landscapes.-A Geologic Perspective; In Memory of Oliver E. Bowen; Teacher Feature-Looking for Faults in All the Right Places.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000: Volcanoes in the Susanville Region, Lassen, Modoc, Plumas Counties, Northeastern California; 1999 California Mining Review; Teacher Feature-Earth Science Week; Geologic Map of California Release.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2000: The August 17, 1999 Kocaeli, Turkey Earthquake - A Lesson for California; Garnet; Is Mushroom Rock a Ventifact; Teacher Feature-Inside the Earth; Index to Volume 53 – 2000.

1999-Volume 52

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1999: The Geology, Mineralogy, and History of the Himalaya Mine; A Popular and Informative Event; Teacher Feature - Exploring Caves; In Memory - John Lawrence Burnett and Richard Malcolm Stewart.
MARCH/APRIL 1999: The 1998 Storm-Related Events, A Response; Activities of the California Post-Earthquake Information Clearinghouse; Southern California Seismicity Summary for 1998; Northern California 1998 Seismicity - M4.5 and Larger Events and Historical Context; Teacher Feature - The Hunt for Hazards in the Classroom.
MAY/JUNE 1999: The Mystery of the Eureka Breccia: Discovering the World of Microcrystals; Teacher Feature- California's Official State Gem, Rock, Fossil, and Mineral.
JULY/AUGUST 1999: California's First Fossil Evidence of Cretaceous Winged Vertebrates; William More Gabb- First Paleontologist of the Geological Survey of California; Plio-Pleistocene Fossil Trees Found in Ancestral Lake Britton Diatomite Deposits; Teacher Feature-Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1999: Magmatic Gas Emissions from Mammoth Mountain, Mono County, California; California Non-Fuel Minerals--1998: Teacher Feature-Earth Science Week.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1999: Maps: The Earth on Canvas; Clifford Gray Memorial; Index to Volume 52 – 1999; Teacher Feature-Fabulous Facts About Mineral Resources.

1998-Volume 51

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1998: The Discovery of Gold in California; Gold Gold Gold!; Gold in the California Desert-Past, Present, and Future; Teacher Feature – Gold Dust Memories; The Varied Uses of Gold.
MARCH/APRIL 1998: New Geologic Maps Lend Support to Better Building Design in California Earthquake Country; Reducing Future Earthquake Losses in California; Teacher Feature-April is California Earthquake Preparedness Month; A Slice of Earth – Anatomy of an Earthquake.
MAY/JUNE 1998: Geology and Slope Stability Along Highway 50; Real-Time Monitoring of Active Landslides Along Highway 50, El Dorado County; 1997 California Mining Review; Teacher Feature – Geologic Time.
JULY/AUGUST 1998: Short History of Man and Gold; Scenes from the California Gold Rush; Division of Mines and Geology Library – Open House; Division of Mines and Geology Library Past, Present, and Future; California Gold Mines Photograph Collection; Teacher Feature – Landforms.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1998: Geology of Joshua Tree National Park; Mines in Joshua Tree National Park; Teacher Feature – Geoscience Careers.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1998: Quaternary Geology and Neotectonics of the Pinto Mountain Fault, Mojave Desert, Southern California; Major Improvements in Progress for Southern California Earthquake Monitoring; Teacher Feature – Journey Back In Time; Index to Volume 51 – 1998.

1997-Volume 50

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1997: Changes in Construction Aggregate Availability in Major Urban Areas of California between the Early 1980s and the Early 1990s; A Field Trip Transect of the Northern Sierra via Interstate Highway 80; Gold Rush California State Parks.
MARCH/APRIL 1997: California's Mother Lode Highway – Mariposa to Chinese Camp; Diary of a Frenchman, Trinity River Placers, 1850; Fossil Marine Algae or Trace Fossil?; Mining Brings Opportunities and Challenges.
MAY/JUNE 1997: Sky Tour of the New Year's Flood, Central Valley, California, 1997; Reconnaissance Engineering Geology of the Mill Creek Landslide of January 24, 1997; California's Mother Lode Highway – Chinese Camp to Mokelumne Hill; Reclaiming Mined Land Provides for the Future.
JULY/AUGUST 1997: Assessing Earthquake Ground Shaking Hazard in California; California’s Non-Fuel Mineral Production – 1996; California's Mother Lode Highway – Mokelumne Hill to Placerville; Mountain Building.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1997: Chico Formation Yields Clues to Late Cretaceous Paleoenvironment in California; California’s Mother Lode Highway – Placerville to North San Juan; Teacher Feature – Volcanoes.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1997: Radon Mapping-Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties; California’s Mother Lode Highway – North San Juan to Sattley; Teacher Feature – Geology of Donner Lak; Index to Volume 50 – 1997.

1996-Volume 49

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1996: Eastern Mojave Desert Pediments; A Chronicle of Pre-1848 California Gold Discoveries; The Hydrologic Cycle; William "Bill" Clark [tribute]; Thomas Edwards Gay, Jr. [tribute].
MARCH/APRIL 1996: Liquefaction in the California Desert – an Unexpected Geologic Hazard; Reclaiming Surface Mined Land to Waterfowl Habitat; Earthquake Legends; Richard B. Saul – 1922-1995.
MAY/JUNE 1996: Quaternary Diapir of Claystone in Faulted Anticline, Stanford, California; Focal Mechanism Studies – Revisited, An Explanation; Earth Science Teacher Resources.
JULY/AUGUST 1996: Native Seed Collection for Mined-Land Revegetation; Fossils...The Living Past; Be a Rock Hound.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1996: 1995 Storm Events; Breached Landslide Dam on the Navarro River; Debris Flows Resulting from January 1995 Rainstorms; Geothermal Gems.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1996: 1995 California Mineral Industry Survey; California Principal Mineral-Producing Localities [map]; Preliminary Maps of Seismic Hazard Zones and Draft Guidelines for Evaluating and Mitigating Seismic Hazards; 1995 Redway Landslide; Glaciers; Index to Volume 49 – 1996

1995-Volume 48

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1995: Little Anacapa Island; The Miners Law – Part II; Gold Rush and Early California, Astronomy, and Landforms, etc. Word Searches and Geology Crossword Puzzle.
MARCH/APRIL 1995: New Fault Map of California and Adjacent Areas; The September 1, 1994 Mendocino Fault Earthquake; Tsunami Warning!; Tributes [to George Hilton and Martin Stout].
MAY/JUNE 1995: Mercer Caverns: History, Exploration, and Geology of a Gold Country Classic, Calaveras County; Controlling Factors in the Development of Corrugations on Off-Road Motorcycle Trails, San Benito County; The Eureka Earthquake, December 26, 1994; Fireworks and Natural Resources; Geologist Ed Kiessling Retires.
JULY/AUGUST 1995: Seismotectonics Near Stanford University; First California Dinosaur North of Sacramento; New Emphasis on Geoscience in K-12 Education Leads to Opportunities for Changing Public Perception of the Mineral Industries; 1994 California Mineral Industry Survey; Earthquake Preparedness Resource Directory; New and Revised Official Maps of Earthquake Fault Zones of June 1, 1995; Two Geologists Retire [Earl Hart and Oscar Huber].
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1995: Troilite from the Low Divide District; Are All Major California Cities Seriously Threatened by Earthquakes?; The Great California Recycling Adventure; Planet Ocean; Dancing to the Fossil Record; CDMG Online--DMG's computerized Bulletin Board System.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1995: California Jade, A Geological Heritage; The Geology of the Franciscan Complex in the Ward Creek-Cazadero Area, Sonoma County, California; Classroom Activity Shows How to Determine Earthquake Intensities; George B. Cleveland – 1925-1995; Index to Volume 48 – 1995.

1994-Volume 47

MAY/JUNE 1994: Saltwater Springs Atop the Rumsey Hills, California; Unusual Phosphate Minerals and Diatom-Bearing Stalactites from the Farallon Islands; The Mineral Industry of California in 1993; Careers in the Geosciences.
JULY/AUGUST 1994: Geology of Prisoners Rock and The Peninsula: Pleistocene Hydrovolcanism in the Tule Lake Basin, Northeastern California; A Glimpse of Life in the Gold Country: Excerpts from John Doble's Journal and Correspondence; U.S. Geological Survey Videotape Library.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1994: The Indio Hills; Geology of Hayden Hill – A New Mine Revitalizing an Old Mining District; Global Change – Logs of Straw: Dendrochronology; Index to Statutory and Regulatory Reclamation Plan Requirements.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1994: The Miners Law – Part I; Bergbaufreiheit; Agricola; Claims Notices; Calcite; Watt, Did You Say?; Going for the Gold; Index to Volume 47 – 1994.

1993-Volume 46

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1993: The Landers-Big Bear Earthquake Sequence and its Felt Effects; Surface Faulting Associated with the June 1992 Landers Earthquake, California; Rockfalls and Surface Effects Other Than Faulting – Landers and Big Bear Earthquakes; Surface Rupture Along a Portion of the Emerson Fault; Landers Earthquake of June 28, 1992; DMG Clearinghouse for the June 28, 1992 Landers and Big Bear Earthquakes; The National Association of Geology Teachers Guidebook Publications.
MARCH/APRIL 1993: Gold-Bearing Quartz Veins in the Klamath Mountains in the Redding 1 x 2 Degree Quadrangle, Northern California; Mining California Calcite Crystals for the Optical Ring Sight.
MAY/JUNE 1993: Jamestown Leaf Gold; The Gold Bug Mine [El Dorado County]; The Mineral Industry of California – 1992; Gold, California State Mineral.
JULY/AUGUST 1993: Minerals; Arroyo Boulders – Anza-Borrego Desert, California; Mineral Experiments; AB 3098 Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA) Eligible List – July 1, 1993.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1993: Damaging Landslides Related to the Intense Rainstorms of January-February 1993, Southern California; California's Landslide Hazard Identification Project; DMG Landslide Publications (Exclusive of LHIMs); Crossword Puzzle – American Geologic Terms of Foreign Origin; A 15th Century Mining Lease.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1993: Runoff and Erosion after the Oakland Firestorm; Expectations and Observations; Emergency Landslide Hazard Evaluation Following the Tunnel Fire, October 19-23, 1991; A Composite Volcano in Action; California’s Rocks, Minerals, and Decorative Stone Used by Native Americans; Index to Volume 46 – 1993.

1992-Volume 45

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1992: Detachment Faults, California’s Extended Past; Mineralization Along Detachment Faults; California Has Its Faults; Faulted Wave-Cut Terrace Near Point Arena [Mendocino County], A Photo Essay.
MARCH/APRIL 1992: The Honeydew Earthquake, August 17, 1991; Sources of North Coast Seismicity; The Cape Mendocino Earthquakes, April 25-26, 1992.
MAY/JUNE 1992: California State Mining and Mineral Museum, Mariposa; History of the Mineral Museum.
JULY/AUGUST 1992: Calcareous Tufa Formations, Searles Lake and Mono Lake; Geometry of Normal Faulting in Tecopa Valley, California from Magnetic Surveys; April 22 Joshua Tree, and June 28 Landers and Big Bear Earthquakes, 1992; The Mineral Industry of California – 1991; Highlights of the Second Conference on Earthquake Hazards in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area; The Quicksand Model – An Experiment.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1992: Captain Jack’s Stronghold, The Geologic Events that Created a Natural Fortress [Siskiyou County]; Medicine Lake Volcano and Lava Beds National Monument [Siskiyou and Modoc Counties]; Going Down the Tubes.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1992: The Division of Mines and Geology’s Environmental Protection Program; Geologic Conditions at Three Rancho Palos Verdes Subdivisions [Los Angeles County]; Geologic Hazards at the New Bay Farm Island Elementary School [Alameda County]; Implementing an Award Winning Reclamation Plan at Castle Mountain Mine [San Bernardino County]; Sedimentation in a Highly Erosive Watershed [Salmon Creek, Humboldt County]; Brief History of Measurement Systems; Index to Volume 45 – 1992.

1991-Volume 44

JANUARY 1991: Earthquake Damage in Soquel Demonstration State Forest [Santa Cruz County]; Bingham Canyon Mine, The World’s Largest Open-Pit Mine; Children’s Science Museums in Northern California.
FEBRUARY 1991: Mono Lake Earthquake of October 23, 1990; Displacement Along the Manix Fault [San Bernardino County]; Recycling, Everyone’s Challenge.
MARCH 1991: Active Faults North of Lassen Volcanic National Park, Northern California; Products of the Alquist-Priolo Fault Evaluation and Zoning Project; Alquist-Priolo Special Studies Zones [Preliminary Review Map – May 1, 1991]; Significance of California’s Mining Industry; Minerals and Nutrition; Minerals.
APRIL 1991: Diatoms – The Forage of the Sea; Magma Energy Exploratory Well, Long Valley Caldera [Mono County].
MAY 1991: Geology and Mineralogy of Ring Mountain – A Popular Nature Preserve [Marin County]; Ring Mountain Wildlife Preserve; New Eyes on Eastern California Rock Varnish; Geothermal Energy.
JUNE 1991: Mines and Geology of Fort Irwin [San Bernardino County]; Tamarack Tuff – A Devonian Submarine Pyroclastic Flow Deposit in the Northern Sierra Nevada [Plumas and Sierra Counties].
JULY 1991: A Visit to Santa Barbara Island; Channel Islands National Park; Using Microorganisms to Recover Metals; The Great Seal of California; The State Rock of California: Serpentine or Serpentinite?
AUGUST 1991: Travertine Hot Springs [Mono County]; Simplified Geologic Map of California; Mariposite – The Rock that Made California Famous.
SEPTEMBER 1991: Preparation and Use of Earthquake Planning Scenarios; Earthquake Planning Scenario for the San Diego-Tijuana Area; Earthquake Bibliography.
OCTOBER 1991: The Mineral Industry of California in 1990; Geology at the Intersection of the Garlock and Death Valley Fault Zones, Northern Avawatz Mountains [Field Trip Road Log]; Alquist-Priolo Special Studies Zones [Official Maps – November 1991]; Mining Crossword Puzzle.
NOVEMBER 1991: Decomposed Granite; Timber Harvesting in Granitic Terrain – Grass Valley Creek [Trinity County]; Geologic Terms of Spanish Origin.
DECEMBER 1991: Snow Lake Pendant, Yosemite-Emigrant Wilderness – Evidence for a Major Strike-Slip Fault within the Sierra Nevada, California; Muir, Whitney, and the Origin of Yosemite Valley – In Defense of Whitney; Update on the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975.

1990-Volume 43

JANUARY 1990: Loma Prieta Earthquake October 17, 1989 [Santa Cruz County]; Effects of the Loma Prieta Earthquake October 17, 1989 [San Francisco Bay Area]; Environmental and Public Health Issues Related to the Disposal of Non-Fuel Mining Wastes; Selected Reading List of Earthquakes and Related Faults in California.
FEBRUARY 1990: A Geological Journey Through Red Rock Canyon State Park and the El Paso Mountains, Kern County, California; Strong Motion Records: October 17, 1989 Earthquake [a review of California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program Report No. OSMS 89-06]; Volcanic Hazards in California [a review of U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1847]; Sea Floor Tool; California Geology: A Resource for Teachers.
MARCH 1990: Mesquite Mine, A Modern Example of the Quest for Gold; Resources for Earth Science Teachers; Geologic Field Guide Along the Klamath River, From Interstate 5 Near Hornbrook to Seiad Valley, Siskiyou County.
APRIL 1990: Coastal Landslides Caused by the October 17, 1989 Earthquake, Santa Cruz County, California; Cactus Gold Mine, Kern County, California; Earthquake Preparedness Education.
MAY 1990: Landslide and Flood Potential Along Cache Creek: Lake, Colusa, and Yolo Counties, California; Geology of an Area in Altamont Hills, Diablo Range: Alameda and San Joaquin Counties; Source Materials for Earth Science Projects; Significant Earthquakes, 1989.
JUNE 1990: The Liberty Gold Mining District, Siskiyou County, California; Reclamation for Wildlife Habitat: An Example from Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada; Visit a Mine.
JULY 1990: Maps: The Earth on Canvas; Greenwich Mean Time; Rock Crossword Puzzle.
AUGUST 1990: Sea Cliff Erosion: A Major Dilemma; Lower Member Deposition, Hungry Valley Formation, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties; Resources for Earth Science Teachers.
SEPTEMBER 1990: California’s Fossil Forest [Sonoma County]; Self-Guided Geologic Tour in Joshua Tree National Monument [Riverside County]; Mineral Crossword Puzzle.
OCTOBER 1990: 1989 California Mining Review; Liquefaction at Soda Lake: Effects of the Chittenden Earthquake Swarm of April 18, 1990 [Santa Cruz County]; Transporting Mining Equipment by Truck; Mineral Trivia.
NOVEMBER 1990: Geologic and Tectonic Setting of the Epicentral Area of the Loma Prieta Earthquake [Santa Cruz County]; Plate Tectonics and the Gulf of California Region; The Earth, Inside and Out.
DECEMBER 1990: The Columbia to Capitol Connection: Popular Seismographic Display Transmission Site [Sacramento and Tuolumne Counties]; Index to Graduate Theses and Dissertations on California Geology 1987 through 1989; Dinosaur Bibliography.

1989-Volume 42

FEBRUARY 1989: The Grandeur of Concrete – Part II; Beatty Landslide, Santa Cruz County, California.
MARCH 1989: Medicine Lake Highland: September 1988 Earthquake Swarm, Siskiyou County; Origin of the Isabella Pluton and Its Enclaves, Kern County, California; Parkfield Strong-Motion Array, Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties.
MAY 1989: Cement Production at Davenport Cement Plant, Santa Cruz County; Alfred Oswald Woodford; Gold Mines of Escondido, San Diego County.
JUNE 1989: Some Geomorphic Features of Patrick's Point State Park, Humboldt County; Geology of Patrick's Point State Park, Humboldt County; Castle Mountains Gold Deposit, Hart Mining District, San Bernardino County.
JULY 1989: Ancestral Klamath River Deposits at Gold Bluffs, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Humboldt County, California; Scenic Resources of Prairie Creek, Redwoods State Park, Humboldt County, California; California State Mining and Mineral Museum; Chestermanite: A New Mineral, Fresno County, California; The 15 Most Significant Earthquakes in U.S. History; First Diamond Find in California – When and Where?
AUGUST 1989: Four Geological Special Interest Areas, Central Sierra Nevada, El Dorado National Forest, Alpine, El Dorado, Placer Counties; Sacramento, the Early Days, 1839-1876; Natural History Museums in California.
SEPTEMBER 1989: A Neotectonic Tour of the Death Valley Fault Zone, Inyo County; Index to Graduate Theses and Dissertations on California Geology, 1983 and 1984.
OCTOBER 1989: 1988 California Mining Review; Importance of industrial Minerals in Everyday Life; American Mineral Consumption [including Mineral Quiz]; Underground at Black Diamond Mines, Contra Costa County; Significant Earthquakes, January through June 1989.
NOVEMBER 1989: Deep Springs Fault, Inyo County, California: An Example of the Use of Relative-Dating Techniques; Arthur R. Wilson Quarry: Where Nature Gives Man a Break, San Benito County.
DECEMBER 1989: Loma Prieta Earthquake, October 17, 1989, Santa Cruz County, California; Effects of the Loma Prieta Earthquake, October 17, 1989, San Francisco Bay Area; Environmental and Public Health Issues Related to the Disposal of Non-Fuel Mining Wastes; Selected Reading List: Earthquakes and Related Faults in California.

1988-Volume 41

JANUARY 1988: Elemental Analyses of Mica Resources in California; Gold Miners from South America: “We Were 49ers”; Emergency Planning for Flood Hazards.
FEBRUARY 1988: Ground Shaking and Engineering Studies Near the San Andreas Fault Zone, Parkfield, California; Japan’s Earthquake Warning System: Should It Be Imported to California?; An Evaluation of the Animal-Behavior Theory for Earthquake Prediction; Earthquakes Strike Imperial Valley in “Superstition Hills Sequence” November 23-24, 1987.
MARCH 1988: Geology of Superior Ridge Uranium Deposits, Ventura County; The Parkfield Opportunity; Historic Seismicity of the Parkfield Area, Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties; Cholame Valley Earthquakes; A new Vivianite Occurrence, Contra Costa County.
APRIL 1988: Surface Rupture, Superstition Hills Earthquakes ofNovember 23 and 24, 1987, Imperial County; Damage to Irrigation Facilities in Imperial Valley: Superstition Hills Earthquakes of November 1987, Imperial County; Copper Mining in Fresno County.
MAY 1988: Ichthyosaurs of California, Nevada, and Oregon; 1987 Annual Report: State Mining and Geology Board; Geomorphology of Upper Palm Wash, Anza Borrego Desert, California, San Diego and Imperial Counties; Legend of the Geysers.
JUNE 1988: Application of Remote Sensing to California’s Geology; Geologists of California Series: Mason Lowell Hill; Fulgurite in the Sierra Nevada.
JULY 1988: Cyanide Heap Leaching in California; Charles Scott Haley; Asbestos in the Western San Joaquin Valley, San Benito and Fresno Counties.
SEPTEMBER 1988: Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Belt of the Western Sierra Nevada Foothills; Parkfield Earthquake Prediction Experiment: Geophysical Instrumentation Near Parkfield; Parkfield Earthquake Prediction Alert Levels; Parkfield Earthquake Prediction Experiment and Public Policy Issues.
OCTOBER 1988: 1987 California Mining Review; Significant Earthquakes, January through June 1988; Geology of the Lower Granite Gorge, Grand Canyon of the Colorado River; Geologic Relationships Along the San Gabriel Fault Between Hardluck Canyon and Castaic, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.
NOVEMBER 1988: Paleomagnetism of the Zuma Volcanics, Point Dume, Los Angeles County, California; Geologic Walkabout in Australia; Volcanic Hazards at Mount Shasta; Sedimentology of the Montgomery Creek Formation, Shasta County, California.
DECEMBER 1988: Geology of Del Norte and Siskiyou Counties and Adjacent Portions of Humboldt, Shasta, and Trinity Counties; Ice Age Geomorphology in the Klamath Mountains; New Model for the Formation of Myrmekite: A Mystery Solved Near Temecula, Riverside County, California; Index to Volume 41.

1987-Volume 40

JANUARY 1987: Mined Land Reclamation Program; Revegetation Planning; Where Did the Mine Go?; Surface Mining and Reclamation Practice [an excerpt from California Administrative Code]; California Environmental Quality Act and Surface Mining Reclamation; Underground Limestone Quarries, Kansas City, Missouri; Careers in Geology [geochemist, mineralogist, petrologist].
FEBRUARY 1987: Rock Stripes on Sierra Nevada Foothills, Fresno and Tulare Counties; Geology of an Accreted Slab in Franciscan Complex, Redwood National Park, Del Norte County; Using Geologic Knowledge for the Public Welfare.
MARCH 1987: Mother Lode Gold Mines: Jackson-Plymouth District, Amador County; Geology of Mussel Rock Landslide, San Mateo County; Careers in Geology [Exploration Geophysicist, Geochronology, Hydrology].
APRIL 1987: Vacaville-Winters Earthquakes...1892, Solano and Yolo Counties; 1892 Vacaville-Winters Earthquake and 1983 Coalinga Earthquake; Mesothermal Gold Mineralization: Skidoo-Del Norte Mines, Death Valley, Inyo County.
MAY 1987: In Search of the Abrams Post Office, Trinity County; Gold Camps of Fresno County; Geology and Palynology: Del Puerto Canyon, Stanislaus County; Careers in Geology [Astrogeology]; Geologic Crossword Puzzle; Composites: New Uses of Industrial Minerals.
JUNE 1987: Tertiary Gold-Bearing Gravels, Northern Sierra Nevada; A Mineral Mystery: Chalcedony after Melanophlogite; Montgomery Creek Formation, Klamath Mountains, Shasta County; Legal Information for Miners and Prospectors.
JULY 1987: Forensic Geology and a Colusa County Murder; Pothole Dome: Where Water Flowed Uphill, Tuolumne County; Legislative History of California Coastal Lands; Mining Crossword Puzzle; Careers in Geology: Geoscience Positions in State Civil Service.
AUGUST 1987: A Thumbnail Sketch: California’s Marine Geology; Scripps Institution: Eight Decades of Research; The Galapagos Islands, Province of Ecuador; Careers in Geology [Marine Geologist].
SEPTEMBER 1987: Geographic Names in California; Historic Glacier Fluctuations at Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County; Mount Shasta – Challenge of the Mountain; Tectonic Evolution of the Southern Panamint Range; Inyo and San Bernardino Counties.
OCTOBER 1987: California Mining Review, 1985-1986; Managing the California Desert Conservation Area; Some Thoughts on the Price of Gold; Fire Assay of Gold and Silver; Tahoe Rim Trail Project.
NOVEMBER 1987: 1983 U.S. Highway 50 Landslide Near Whitehall, California, El Dorado County; A Century of Earthquake Records, 1887-1987; Terraces, Tilting, and Topography of Cordell Bank.
DECEMBER 1987: The San Francisco Numbers Game [1906 Death Count Research]; Whittier Narrows Earthquakes, Los Angeles County, October 1 and 4, 1987; 1976 Tangshan, China Earthquake; Index to Volume 40, 1987.

1986-Volume 39

MARCH 1986: NEWT System [preliminary analysis of seismic activity monitor in Long Valley Caldera region]; Geology and Slope Stability of the Fort Bragg Area, Mendocino County; Hazards from "Mudslides"...Debris Avalanches and Debris Flows in Hillslide and Wildfire Areas.
APRIL 1986: Mexico earthquake Damage: Lifeline Performance; Ocean Floor Research; California's Earthquake-Hazard Laws; Careers in Geoscience [teaching, librarians, geomorphology, environmental geology]; Mineral Industry of California 1985 [preliminary report].
JULY 1986: Singing and Booming Sand Dunes of California and Nevada; Earthquake Planning Scenario for a Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake on the Hayward Fault, San Francisco Bay Area; Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts; Gypsum Mining; Historic Earthquakes Recalled; Careers in Geology [Engineering Geology].
AUGUST 1986: Magnetic Exploration for Skarn Deposits, Ivanpah Mining District, San Bernardino County; Mount Baldy Mining Area, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties; Misplaced Diamond Locality: Supposed century-old Colorado diamond locality found to be in California; Diamond Finds in California; Careers in Geology [petroleum and geothermal geology].
OCTOBER 1986: Procedures for Determining Discovery on Small Gold Mining Claims in California, as Determined by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management; Thomas E. Gay, Jr. [retires]; Oil Pioneering in the Golden State; Careers in Geology [seismology].
NOVEMBER 1986: Fault Rupture Associated with the July 21, 1986 Chalfant Valley Earthquake, Mono and Inyo Counties [Preliminary Report]; Magnitude 5.9 North Palm Springs Earthquake, July 8, 1986, Riverside County [Lifeline Damage]; Geology of the Resting Spring Pass Tuff, Inyo County; Fulgurite in the Sierra Nevada.
DECEMBER 1986: Micro-Demoiselles and Raindrop Erosion; "The Shirley Letters" [excerpts]; The Geologic History of the San Gabriel Fault, Central Transverse Ranges, Kern, Los Angeles, and Ventura Counties; Index to Volume 39 – 986.

1985-Volume 38

JANUARY 1985: Gold Districts of California – An Update; Recent Mining Activities in California; Mining and Prospecting for Gold in the 1890s: Excerpts from Frank Norris’ McTeague; Origin of the Mission Viejo Clay Deposit, San Juan Capistrano, Orange County.
FEBRUARY 1985: History of Mining: Providence Mountains, San Bernardino County; Mitchell Caverns Natural Preserve in the Providence Mountains State Recreation Area, San Bernardino County; Earthquake Damage in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties.
MAY 1985: Roscoelite Type Locality, El Dorado County; Herbert Hoover as a Young Man: Excerpts from the Memoirs of Herbert Hoover; War Eagle Mine, San Bernardino County; Old Masonry Buildings; Synopsis of Selected Papers Presented at the American Geophysical Union Meeting, San Francisco, December 3-7, 1984.
JUNE 1985: An Accreted Seamount: A Working Hypothesis for the Bullpen Lake Sequence, Sierra Nevada, California, Nevada County; Josiah D. Whitney, the California State Geological Survey, and Yosemite Valley; Spectacular "Ghost Town," Zunggari Basin, People's Republic of China; Relative Earthquake Safety in Buildings; Soil and U.S. History.
JULY 1985: Sharktooth Hill, Kern County; Geologic Hazards, Negligence, and Real Estate Sales; A Preliminary Report – Mineral Industry of California,1984; Significant Earthquakes,1984.
AUGUST 1985: Borate Mining History in Death Valley, Inyo and San Bernardino Counties; Gold in the California Desert; Dry Placer Mining; The Sierra Nevada Eastern Escarpment, A Photographic Essay.
SEPTEMBER 1985: A Geologic Guide to Titus Canyon, Death Valley National Monument, Inyo County; 1982-83 Winter Storms Damage, Malibu Coastline, Los Angeles County; The Tunell Economic Geology Collection at U. C. Riverside.
OCTOBER 1985: Gold Bearing Conglomerate Beds of the Hornbrook Formation, Siskiyou County; 1984 Mining Review; Paymaster Mine Stampmill, Weaverville, Trinity County; Aggregate Pit Reclamation, San Fernando Valley.
NOVEMBER 1985: Geophysical Investigations and Geothermal Resources, Santa Rosa-Sonoma Area, Sonoma and Napa Counties; Gold in the Transverse Ranges, Southern California.
DECEMBER 1985: Rainfall Conditions for Abundant Debris Avalanches, San Francisco Bay Region; A Forty-Niner's Account, Excerpts from the Autobiography of Issac Jones Wistar; Debris Flow Potential – Cascade Volcanoes; Index to Volume 38, 1985.

1984-Volume 37

JANUARY 1984: Whitney Glacier, 1983...Record of a Climb; Aeromagnetic Surveys in California, 1979-1983.
FEBRUARY 1984: Geologic Structure of the Capay Hills, Yolo County; Black Ghost of the Silverado [the Santa Clara coal mine, Orange County].
MARCH 1984: Gold Mines of Grass Valley, Nevada County; Focal Mechanism Studies: an Explanation; Lost Arrow, Mariposa County.
MAY 1984: Courtright Intrusive Zone, Sierra National Forest, Fresno County; Index to Graduate Theses and Dissertations on California Geology 1979 through 1982.
JUNE 1984: New Technical Map...Geothermal Resources of California; Historical Use of Geothermal Resource at Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County; Life in California, 1847-48: Excerpts from the Memoirs of General William T. Sherman; Guidebook Guidelines for Geologic Field Trips; Landslide on State Highway 1, Julia Pfeiffer-Burns State Park, Monterey County; Significant Earthquakes, 1983.
JULY 1984: Alluvial Microstratigraphy...Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County; Morgan Hill Earthquake of April 1984, Santa Clara County; Fossils and Formations of the Lower Cambrian, Type Waucoban Section, Inyo County; Geologic Adventure in the Outer Hebrides.
AUGUST 1984: Morgan Hill Earthquake Caused Record Shaking Force; California's Strong Motion Instrumentation Program; Surface Faulting Associated with the Morgan Hill Earthquake of April 24, 1984, Santa Clara County; Landslide Hazards in California; History of Verde Canyon Landslide, San Clemente, Orange County; Don't Call it Dirt.
OCTOBER 1984: 1983 Mining Review; Goldbelt Springs Chrysotile Asbestos Deposit, Death Valley, Inyo County; Gold Mining Landscapes of the West.
DECEMBER 1984: Rockhouse Basin Wilderness Study Area, Kern and Tulare Counties; Shastina – A Volcanic Cone of Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County; Shastina 1984, A Photographic Essay; Index to Volume 37, 1984.

1983-Volume 36

JANUARY 1983: Tufa Formation at Mono Lake, Mono County; South Santa Clara Valley Artesian Water Wells; Index to Geologic Maps of California: 1977-1978; A Pleistocene Diatomaceous Clay and a Pumiceous Ash, Yolo County.
JULY 1983: Coalinga Earthquake, Fresno County; Watersheds Mapping in Northern California; Seismic Safety at the Local Level: Does Planning Make a Difference?
AUGUST 1983: Impact of 1983 Storms on the Coastline, Northern Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz County; Blucher Valley Translational Landslide, Sebastopol, Sonoma County; Ground Rupture, Coalinga Earthquake of 10 June 1983.
SEPTEMBER 1983: Cyanide Heap Leaching in California...Methods Used, Plus Health and Safety Aspects; Airport Lake and Little Lake Faults: Ground Cracking Associated with 1982 Magnitude 5.2 Indian Wells Valley Earthquake, Inyo County; Isotopic Studies of Mariposite-Bearing Rocks from the South-Central Mother Lode, California.
NOVEMBER 1983: Geology of Annadel State Park, Sonoma County; Geothermal Resources of California [annotated bibliography of California Division of Mines and Geology publications 198-1983]; Significant Earthquakes During the First Half of 1983; Miocene Insects and Arthropods in California, San Bernardino County; Guidelines for Evaluation the Hazard of Surface Fault Rupture.
DECEMBER 1983: Geology of the Santa Rosa Quadrangle; California’s Ice Age Lost: The Palisade Glacier, Inyo County; China’s “San Andreas” Fault: The Tanlu Fault System, Shantung and Anhui Provinces; Index to Volume 36.

1982-Volume 35

JANUARY 1982: Gravity Map of California; Coastal Sand Dune Complexes, Pismo Beach and Monterey Bay; Preliminary Results from the Strong-Motion Accelerograph Array in Taiwan; Seismic Refraction Study of the El Modeno Fault, Orange County.
FEBRUARY 1982: Tertiary Gold Bearing Mercury Deposits of the Coast Ranges of California; Sandstone Caves at Castle Rock State Park Santa Cruz County; Survey of Building Structures of the Sierran Gold Belt, 1848-70.
MARCH 1982: California's Surface Mining and Reclamation Act: Answering Society's Need for Mineral Resources...Protecting Our Environment; Mineral Land Classification in California; Surface Mined-Land Reclamation Planning in California...A Cooperative Approach; Alforsite: A New Member of the Apatite Group; Earthquake: What to Do – and Why; Natural Hazards Liability – A California Supreme Court Ruling.
APRIL 1982: Sonoma County, California...Geology and Slope Stability, West Sebastopol Area; Survey of the Building Structures of the Sierran Gold Belt, 1848-70.
MAY 1982: Pleistocene Glaciation, Lassen Volcanic National Park; Landsliding and Flooding in San Francisco Area, January 1982 [preliminary report]; Ancient Quakes on San Andreas Studied.
JUNE 1982: Earthquakes and Lake Levels at Oroville; Reclamation of Dredge Tailings, Folsom District, Sacramento County; Survey of Building Structures of the Sierran Gold Belt, 1848 - 70.
JULY 1982: Landslides and Related Storm Damage, January 1982, San Francisco Bay Region; Love Creek Landslide Disaster, January 5, 1982; Flooding and Slope Failure During the January 1982 Storm, Santa Cruz County.
AUGUST 1982: Volcano for Sale! [article on the Paricutin volcano]; Gravity, Structure, and Geothermal Resources of the Calistoga Area, Napa and Sonoma Counties.
SEPTEMBER 1982: Mammoth Lakes/Long Valley Microearthquake Project; California Geology 10 Year Index, Volume 24 through 33, 1971 - 1980.
OCTOBER 1982: The Valley Springs Formation in the Sonora Pass Region; Potassium-Argon Dates and Stratigraphy of Pliocene Volcanic Domes Near Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras County; 1981 Mining Review.
NOVEMBER 1982: Newberry Volcano, Oregon, A Cascade Range Geothermal Prospect; Phurcalite, Riverside County; Reservoir-Induced Earthquakes and Engineering Policy; Survey of Building Structures of the Sierran Gold Belt, 1848-70.
DECEMBER 1982: Mining and Marketing Sand and Gravel, Outer Continental Shelf Southern California; Index to Volume 35, 1982.

1981-Volume 34

JANUARY 1981: Seismology Program; Acidic Surface Deposits in California and Nevada; An Evaluation of the Seismic-Window Theory for Earthquake Prediction; Mount St. Helens, Vancouver, Washington; New Insights on 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.
FEBRUARY 1981: The Environmental Review Process for New Mining Projects in California.
MARCH 1981: Uranium Mineralization of the Sonora Pass Region, Tuolumne County; Gorda Basin Earthquake, Northwestern California; Tsunamis.
APRIL 1981: Historical Use of Moderate-Temperature Geothermal Resource, Calistoga, Napa County; Our Dependence on Mineral Resources; Index to Geologic Maps of California, 1976.
MAY 1981: Platinum-Group Minerals in Alluvial Deposits, Northern and Central California; Source of Mother Lode Gold.
JUNE 1981: California Earthquakes, End to Seismic Quiescence; 1980 World Earthquake Activity; Aerial Gamma Ray and Magnetic Survey; Natural Gas Sampling; Sierran Roads of Today and Yesterday; The Discovery of Gold in California.
JULY 1981: Subsidence of Organic Soils, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta; Surface Faulting Along the Newport-Inglewood Zone of Deformation; History of Placer Mining for Gold in California; Sierra Nevada Province; Earthquake Prediction: The Scientist's Responsibilities and Public Response.
AUGUST 1981: Volcanic History and "Active" Volcanism in California; Gold Mining Activity in California; Careers in Geology.
SEPTEMBER 1981: California's Diatomite Industry; History of Mining and Milling Methods in California; Expansive Soils, Volume Change and Expansion Pressure of Smectites.
OCTOBER 1981: Calistoga Geothermal Resource Area; 1980 Mining Review.
DECEMBER 1981: Recent Sedimentation Along the Big River Estuary, Mendocino County; A Personal Account: The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake; The Formation of Quartz Veins; Mining on Carson Hill.

1980-Volume 33

JANUARY 1980: G.K. Gilbert and Integrative Science; Revegetation of Untreated Acid Spoils, Leviathan Mine, Alpine County; Strong-Motion Data for the Homestead Valley Earthquake Swarm, San Bernardino County, 15 March 1979; Aftershocks of the Homestead Valley Earthquakes of March 15, 1979; Landers Area Magnetometer Survey; Thermal Survey in Homestead Valley, San Bernardino County.
FEBRUARY 1980: Programs and Functions of the California Division of Mines and Geology; Drought and Ground Deformation, Cambria, San Luis Obispo County; Mineral Information Service [reprint of 1948 issue]; Geomorphic Provinces Map of California; California Well Sample Repository.
MARCH 1980: Mount Diablo Coalfield; Geologic Study of the Homestead Valley Earthquake Swarm of March 15, 1979; State Mining and Geology Board Report [short].
APRIL 1980: Inside California Division of Mines and Geology...The First Century; Experiencing the 1906 Earthquake at Palo Alto, California; The Livermore Earthquakes of January 1980, Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.
MAY 1980: Advisory Services; Renaming "Quartz Basalts" of Cinder Cone, Lassen Volcanic National Park [short]; A Comparison of...Artificial and Natural Slope Failures, The Santa Barbara Earthquake of August 13, 1978; Strong Ground Motions for The Homestead Valley, California, Earthquake Inferred from a Water Tank "Seismoscope"; Epicentral Locations for the Homestead Valley Earthquake Sequence, March 15, 1979; 100 Years Ago....Excerpts from the First Annual Report of the State Mineralogist, 1880; 1979 Annual Report – State Mining and Geology Board.
JUNE 1980: Geologic Mapping Programs, California Division of Mines and Geology; Federal Laws and Regulations Related to Mineral Resources and the Public Lands; A Page from History, W.H. Storms, 1860 - 1917.
JULY 1980: Fault Evaluation and Zoning Program; A Tectonic Mystery...Basement Rock Clasts in the Temblor Range, San Luis Obispo and Kern Counties; Index to Graduate Theses and Dissertations on California Geology, 1977 and 1978.
AUGUST 1980: Geophysical Investigation Program; A Geophysical Approach to Locating Tertiary Gold Channels, Port Wine, Sierra County; Geology of The Terry Borate Deposit, Amargosa Valley, Inyo County.
SEPTEMBER 1980: An Overview...Minerals Program, Division of Mines and Geology; Mammoth Lakes Earthquakes, May 25-27, 1980, Mono County; Slope Failures in Orange County Due to 1978 Rains; Violations of the Geologist and Geophysicist Act.
OCTOBER 1980: Strong Motion Instrumentation Program; 1979 Mining Review; Earthquake Damage to Mobile Homes in California; Locating a Placer Mining Claim; Locating a Lode Mining Claim.
NOVEMBER 1980: Publications Program; Diving for Gold in California; California Laws for Mines and Mining from California Public Resources Code.

1979-Volume 32

JANUARY 1979: Slope Instability and Debris Flows; Bluebird Canyon Landslide of October 2, 1978, Laguna Beach; A.E.G. Building Code Review: Mudflow/Debris Flow Damage, February 1978 Storm – Los Angeles Area; Energy from Sunlight; Radiation, Heat – Improve Nature's Gems [short]; Mercury-Bearing Metallic Gold, Alleghany District, Sierra County.
FEBRUARY 1979: Stephens Pass Earthquakes: Mount Shasta – August 1978, Siskiyou County; How Earthquakes are Measured; Summit Thermal Springs, Mount Shasta; 1857 Earthquake Intensities Near Los Angeles.
MARCH 1979: A Birdfoot Delta: Chorro Delta [San Luis Obispo County]; Accelerated Beach-Cliff Erosion Related to Unusual Storms in Southern California; State Mining and Geology Board Report.
APRIL 1979: Coastline Erosion, Santa Cruz County; Strong Motion Instrumentation Program; Unique Record for Forecast Earthquake; Natural Outdoor Volcano Lab in Alaska.
MAY 1979: Aeromagnetic Surveys in California; Fault Creep Measurement; Earthquakes Near Honey Lake, Lassen County.
AUGUST 1979: Natural Tar Seeps and Asphalt Deposits if Santa Barbara County; Strong-Motion Free-Field Site Design Characteristics; Quartz Family Minerals.
SEPTEMBER 1979: California and Plate Tectonics; 1977 - 1978 California Mining Review; Reassessing the Earthquake Hazard in California.
OCTOBER 1979: A Photographic Record of Change...Bolinas Lagoon, Marin County; A Pilot Study...Liquefaction Potential in Urban San Diego; Homestead Valley Earthquake Swarm, San Bernardino County; Dendrite Mineralogy [short]; The Geysers Heat Source.
NOVEMBER 1979: Rock Units in...The Mojave Desert Province; Coyote Lake Earthquake, 6 August 1979.
DECEMBER 1979: Effects of Imperial Valley Earthquake, 15 October 1979, Imperial County; Nickel and Cobalt in California; 1979 California Geology, Index to Volume 32.

1978-Volume 31

JANUARY 1978: Diatomite Industry in California; Whitney Glacier – Record of a Climb; Geologic Research Update [list of papers given at February 1977 GSA meeting]; Man-Made Archipelago.
FEBRUARY 1978: Ground Water...California's Priceless Resource; Index to Graduate Theses and Dissertations on California Geology 1973 and 1974; Manganese: An Experiment in Geochemical Prospecting Technique.
MARCH 1978: "Airfield Fault" Mesquite Playa, San Bernardino County; Private Mints in California; Index to Mineral Information Service; The Role of Recycling in Conservation of Metals and Energy.
APRIL 1978: New Geologic Map of California: A Summation of 140 Years of Geologic Mapping; Pleistocene River Erosion and Intracanyon Lava Flows Near Little Lake, Inyo County; Index to Graduate Theses and Dissertations on California Geology.
MAY 1978: Historic Earthquakes Effects in Ventura County; Klamath River Geology, Curley Jack Camp to Ti Bar, Siskiyou County; Rock Balls [short]; Earthquake Precursors [short]; State Mining and Geology Board's Annual Report to the Governor and Legislature.
JUNE 1978: The Raymond Hill Fault, An Urban Geological Investigation; Earthquake Recurrence Intervals, San Andreas Fault, Palmdale; Earthquakes in the Willits-Ukiah Area, November 1977 - April 1978.
JULY 1978: Geology and Slope Stability in The Geysers Geothermal Resources Area; Well Site Safety at The Geysers; Comstock Cryptography or Deciphered Ciphers.
AUGUST 1978: Foothills Fault System and The Auburn Dam; Crustal Movement on the Foothills Fault System near Auburn; In the Sierra Nevada...Seismicity of the Foothills Fault System Between Folsom and Oroville; Fossils...the Living Past.
SEPTEMBER 1978: Juniper Uranium Mine, Tuolumne County; Gold Rush of the 1970's; 1976 - 1977 California Mining Review; A Lichen Indicator of Copper Mineralization; Hall of Gems and Minerals [short].
OCTOBER 1978: An Overview: Plate Tectonics – Its Influence on Man; Geological Investigation of Disposal Sites for Hazardous Waste; Geological Uncertainties of Radioactive Waste Disposal [short]; Geologic Review Process; Predicting Earthquakes.
NOVEMBER 1978: Ground Water Use in California; Vegetation Management and Water Yields; Fire Versus Watersheds; Sedimentation in Reservoirs; Aquatic Organisms and Water Delivery Systems; Reclaimed Waste Water [short]; Reclaimed Municipal Waste Water for Power Plant Cooling; Desalination of Geothermal Resources; Basic Irrigation Principles; Legal Issues in Water Conservation.
DECEMBER 1978: Ukiah Earthquake, 25 March 1978,Seismicity Possibly Induced by Lake Mendocino; Coal Deposits of California; As Their Land Is; 1978 CALIFORNIA GEOLOGY – Index to Volume 31.

1977-Volume 30

JANUARY 1977: Living in Earthquake Country: A Survey of Residents living along the San Andreas Fault; Arcuate Faults and Grabens in Death Valley, California; Environmental Impact Reports; Microearthquake Recording Systems; California Well Sample Repository.
FEBRUARY 1977: Coastal Zone Geology Near Gualala, California; Summary of 1975-1976 Legislation; Federal Mining Bill [S. 2371 (Public Law 94-429)]; Museum Note: Gem Pegmatites in San Diego County; Minerals Dilemma: Mineral Production vs. Urban-Suburban Development.
MARCH 1977: Crustal Movement in the Northern Sierra Nevada; Recent Fractures Along the Northeast Margin of the Salton Trough, Imperial County; California Oil and Natural Gas Imports; Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976; Office of Appropriate Technology.
APRIL 1977: Glaciers of Mt. Shasta; Feldspar Deposit in the Ord Mountains, San Bernardino County; Earthquake Ground Motion Records; Tsunamis; Gold and Fool's Gold: Which is Which? [and other shorts].
MAY 1977: Radiocarbon Dating of Landslides in Southern California; Ballarat – City on the Plain [Inyo County]; Earth's Crustal Plate Boundaries: Energy and Mineral Resources; Mineral Industry of California, 1976; Monterey Submarine Canyon; The Metric System of Measurement.
JUNE 1977: Economic Geology of McCloud Limestone, South Gray Rocks Area, Shasta County; Natural Gas Field Discoveries in 1976 [short]; Fossils from the Franciscan Assemblage, Alcatraz Island [short]; Effective Building Codes.
JULY 1977: Socioeconomic Impact of Earthquake Prediction on Government, Business, and Community; Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Guidelines; Earthquake Magnitude Determination; Learning to Live with Earthquakes: Research and Policy for Seismic Safety in California.
AUGUST 1977: Geology at the Shoreline, Topanga Beach, Los Angeles County; Manix Fault Zone, San Bernardino County; Palmdale "Bulge" Update.
SEPTEMBER 1977: Geology for Timber Harvest Planning, North Coastal California; Soil Erosion Definitions; Rapid Erosion Along the Eel River, California; Low Magnitude Earthquakes, High Ground Accelerations.
OCTOBER 1977: The Influence of Geologic Hazards on Legislation in California; The Review Process and the Adequacy of Geologic Reports; Metals – An Endangered Species?; The Importance of Choice [accessibility of public lands for mineral and energy development].
NOVEMBER 1977: Pleistocene Lake Yosemite and the Wisconsin Glaciation of Yosemite Valley; Ice Age Geomorphology, Middle Fork, San Joaquin River, Madera County; Physical Testing of Soils for Urban Development; History of Geologic System-Period Terms.
DECEMBER 1977: Marble Cone Fire...Effect on Erosion; Earthquake Safety for Homes; Public Response to Earthquake Hazard; 1977 California Geology, Index to Volume 30; Aluminum Can Recovery [short]; Lone Pine Mint.

1976-Volume 29

JANUARY 1976: Pygmy Forest: An Ecologic Staircase; "Black-Box Geology" – Uses and Misuses of Geophysics in Engineering Geology; Blowout of a Geothermal Well: The Geysers Geothermal Field, Sonoma County, California.
FEBRUARY 1976: Shear Wave Velocity Propagation and Measurement; Cape Mendocino Area Strong-Motion Results; The Well Point; 1974 World-Wide Crude Oil Production Imports and Exports.
MARCH 1976: Sandstone Caves (Tafoni) in the Central Santa Cruz Mountains, San Mateo County; If You Feel an Earthquake...Role of the California Seismic Observer; Fort Tejon Earthquake Model [and other shorts].
APRIL 1976: Geologic Structure in California: Three Studies with Landsat-1 Imagery; California Well Sample Repository; Professional Competence; Minerals Awareness Test; Prediction and Control of Earthquakes; Earthquake Sounds "Captured;" The Lawson Adit,60 Years Later.
JUNE 1976: Off-Road Vehicle Effects on California's Mojave Desert; Recent Earthquakes Near Twentynine Palms, San Bernardino County [short]; The Mineral Industry of California in 1975; Australian Coal Mine – The Nymboida Story [and other shorts].
AUGUST 1976: Palmdale Bulge; Rock Types of the Franciscan Formation, Coyote Hills, Alameda County; Trench Shoring; Geologic Features of Death Valley [short]; Scale Models of Mining Equipment [short]; Structural Features of the Salton Trough as Seen from Skylab.
SEPTEMBER 1976: Place of Coal in the Total Energy Needs of the United States; History of Coal in California; Earthquake Trail Revisited [photo essay]; Earthquake Predictions: Potential Blessing; Animal Behavior and Earthquakes [and other shorts].
OCTOBER 1976: Lime Industry in California; Landslide Potential in the United States; Coastal Zone Geology Near Mendocino, California.
NOVEMBER 1976: Seismic Safety for California Dams; Geologic and Engineering Geology Guidelines, City of San Jose; Lookout – City on the Mountain [Inyo County] [short]; Exploring the Continent by Drilling: A New Proposal [and other shorts].
DECEMBER 1976: Pueblo Water Rights of the City of Los Angeles; California Indians and Cretaceous Concretions; Economic Evaluation of Pine Mountain Phosphate Deposit, Ventura County; Visualizing Geologic Time; Mining Reports of 1881; 1976 CALIFORNIA GEOLOGY – Index to Volume 29.

1975-Volume 28

JANUARY 1975: The Stanislaus River – A Study in Sierra Nevada Geology; Summary of 1973-1974 Legislation; Historical Tunnel at Mussel Rock [and other shorts].
FEBRUARY 1975: Geological Hazards Along the Coast South of San Francisco; Progression of Some Landslides Along Coast Highway 1 Between Thornton Beach and Mussel Rock – A Picture Story; Legislation Related to Earthquakes [short]; Earthquake Prediction and Official Warning [short]; The Mineral Industry of California in 1973 [and other shorts].
MARCH 1975: The Flash Flood at Nelsons Landing, Clark County, Nevada; Role of Mineral Industry in State Incomes; Oil Field Flared Gas – an Energy Waste and Atmospheric Pollutant [and other shorts].
APRIL 1975: Calcareous Concretions in the Corcoran Clay, Western Merced County; Radioactive Waste "Graveyards"; Lake Sediments...Clues to Prehistoric Earthquakes; 300 Years of Hydrology; "Great Views" Cause Blindness in Building; Tidal Forces Trigger Earthquakes.
MAY 1975: A Field Guide to Cenozoic Deformation Along the Sierra Nevada Province and Basin and Range Province Boundary [including: Faulted Deformation in the Upper Drainage of the West Walker River Near Sonora Junction, California; Timing of Miocene Faulting and Intermediate Volcanism in the Central Sierra Nevada and Adjacent Great Basin; Eruptive and Geochemical Evolution of the Little Walker Volcanic Center; Tectonic Displacement of the Bishop Tuff; Shoreline Deformation at Owens Lake; Guide to Selected Examples of Quaternary Tectonism in Panamint Valley, California; Garlock Fault].
JUNE 1975: The Santa Barbara Earthquake, 29 June 1925; Seismicity of the Eastern Santa Barbara Channel; ERTS Satellite Images; Sea Cliff Erosion, Isla Vista, California.
JULY 1975: Acoustic Emission Along the San Andreas Fault in Southern California; Regulating Activity Associated with Prospecting and Mining in National Forests; Questions and Answers About the 1872 Act Use Regulations Affecting Prospecting and Mining in National Forests.
SEPTEMBER 1975: The Geology of Moaning Cave, Calaveras County, California; Crustal Movement Studies Near Parkfield, California; Oroville Earthquake [short]; Recommended Guidelines for Preparing Engineering Geologic Reports.
OCTOBER 1975: Galway Lake Fault – A Previously Unmapped Active Fault in the Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California; Coalinga's "Iron Zoo" [short]; Seismic Hazards and Urbanization in Santa Clara County; Homestake Mine Fire; Seismicity of California, 1928-1931
DECEMBER 1975: Reclamation of Sand and Gravel Pits; Ground Rupture Associated with Faulting – Oroville Earthquake, August 1975; Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975; Oroville Earthquake [personal account]; Panamint – City of Silver; 1975 CALIFORNIA GEOLOGY – Index to Volume 28; CDMG Publications Transcribed for the Blind.

1974-Volume 27

JANUARY 1974: Model for the Origin of Sierran Granites; Seismic Sea Wave Warnings [and other shorts].
FEBRUARY 1974: Glaciers – A Picture Story; California Earthquake Science Newsletter.
MARCH 1974: Joint Committee on Seismic Safety Publishes Final Report; I Was There [1906 San Francisco Earthquake]; South Santa Clara County Study.
APRIL 1974: Geology of the Marin Headlands; The Earthquake Trail at Point Reyes National Seashore.
MAY 1974: Chemical Stabilization of Landslides by Ion Exchange; Subterranean "Dams;" Review of New Hospital Sites for Seismic Safety; Guidelines to Geologic Reports; 'Underwater Windmills' May Produce Power; Resources from Refuse Plant; New State Fossil.
JUNE 1974: What Price Gold?; Mineral Production in California [1972]; New Method Tested in Geophysical Study; 1973 a "Slow" Year for Earthquakes; Correlation of Seismic Activity and Earth Rotation; Domestic Exploratory Program for Oil and Gas; Alaska Pipeline.
JULY 1974: Relationship of Mineralization to Major Structural Features in the Mountain Pass Area, San Bernardino County; California Scrap Iron and the Copper Industry.
AUGUST 1974: Origin of Lake Merced; Fossils of the "Merced" Formation, Sebastopol Region; The Monte Bello Ridge Mountain Study; Tallest (?) Sand Dune in California [Inyo County]; Progress in Earthquake Prediction.
SEPTEMBER 1974: Repeatable High Ground Accelerations from Earthquakes – Important Design Criteria; Hammonton Dredge Field; Deep-Ocean Manganese Mining [and other shorts].
OCTOBER 1974: Man-made Diversion of Furnace Creek Wash – Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, California; Loellingite and Black Vesuvianite from Tulare County, California; New Mineral Resource Terminology Adopted [and other shorts].
NOVEMBER 1974: Geology and Land Development in Ventura County; Geologic Hazards at Lassen National Park [short]; Earthquake Successfully Predicted [M4, 30 January 1974] [and other shorts].
DECEMBER 1974: Surprise Valley Fault; Geothermal Activity in Surprise Valley; Near Surface Fault Detection by Magnetometer; Role of Geologists in Evaluating Seismic Risks; Geology and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine; Martian Flood Channels Linked to "Dry Ice".

1973-Volume 26

JANUARY 1973: A Century of Geology; First Earthquake Devices Installed; Fossil Algae 1.3 Billion Years Old from Eastern California Rocks.
FEBRUARY 1973: Sea-Cliff Erosion at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego; Earthquakes and Faults Affecting Sacramento; California Earthquake Science Newsletter; Geology, A Key to Resource and Environmental Problems; California's Heritage in Crisis.
MARCH 1973: 40 Years Ago...The Long Beach-Compton Earthquake of March 10, 1933; Earthquakes Along the Newport-Inglewood Structural Zone; Space View of Alaska Reveals Hidden Faults.
APRIL 1973: The Disposal of Nuclear Waste; Mineral Production in California, 1971; Point Mugu Earthquake, 21 February 1973.
MAY 1973: Earthquake Activity Between Monterey and Half Moon Bay; California Earthquake Science Newsletter; Sea Floor Craters at Pt. Mugu Quake Site; Offshore Geophysical Surveys.
JUNE 1973: Fire + Rain = Mudflows: Big Sur, 1972; Compendium on Ancient Fluid "Bubbles;" Moon's "Orange Soil;" A Timely Example of Multiple Land Use; Gold Regulations.
JULY 1973: Pleistocene Lake San Benito; short features: Satellite-Communicating Buoys Adrift in Arctic Ice; Probe of Global Tectonics; DSDP Glomar Challenger Explores Ocean Near Antarctica; Tons of Plastic Debris on Alaskan Island; Unexplored Mountains of Antarctica.
SEPTEMBER 1973: Quarry to Mill by Pipeline; Eastern U.S. Earthquakes; Plates Move at Different Rates.
OCTOBER 1973: Mining, Waste Discharge Requirements, and Water Quality; CDMG Helps Find Kidnapper; Sonoma County Coastal Geology for Planning; Earthquake Prediction; Seismic Wave Velocities in Riverside.
NOVEMBER 1973: Extraction of Sand and Gravel in Orange County, California, A Technical and Planning Problem; California Earthquake Science Newsletter; Musicians Seamounts at the Bottom of the North Pacific; Pollutants "Fingerprinted" by Radioactive Method; Palygorskite Found in the Northern Puente Hills Near Pomona; New Mineral in Trinity County.
DECEMBER 1973: Some Features Produced by the Earthquake of 21 February 1973, Near Point Mugu; Mining Activity in California, July 1972 Through June 1973; Index to Volume 26.

1972-Volume 25

JANUARY 1972: Copper Mining; Ocean Floor Studies.
FEBRUARY 1972: San Francisco Bay Tidelands; The 1971 California Mineral Industry.
APRIL 1972: Deep Sea Drilling Project; Continuing Education for Geologists; Mineral Production in California, 1970.
MAY 1972: A New Resource Opportunity: Urban Ore; Solid Waste in California; More on 'The Owens Valley Quake'.
JUNE 1972: Diving for Gold in California; DMG Open-File Report synopses: Santa Cruz Mountain Study; Sonoma County Hillsides; Mudslide and Landslide Prediction; News Notes: Short Record of a Landslide; Bear Valley-Melendy Ranch Earthquakes of 24-27 February 1972; U.S. Quakes Increased in 1971; Geologic Story of Yellowstone.
JULY 1972: Tides, Currents, and Waves; Earthquake Prediction Data From Tiltmeters; Facts About California's New Strong-Motion Instrumentation Program.
AUGUST 1972: Dust from Antelope; Earthquake Magnitude and Intensity; Network Will Aid Study of Earthquake Response.
SEPTEMBER 1972:Geology for Individual Sewage Disposal Systems; Short-Lived "Real-Estate" Lakes; Buried Human Bones at the "BART" Site, San Francisco.
OCTOBER 1972: 1971-72 Mining Activity in California; Alum; Changes in State Mining Law.
NOVEMBER 1972: Hazardous Excavations; Off-Highway Vehicle Registration; 370 Billion Gallons of Water a Day; Coastal Upwelling; Search for Oldest Oceanic Crust.
DECEMBER 1972: Resume of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Field Operations in 1971; Fuel and Energy Dilemma; The California Mineral Industry in 1971; Index to Volume 25.

1971-Volume 24

JANUARY 1971: Mineral Production in California, 1969; Photo Biography of Nisqually Glacier on Mt. Rainier, Washington; U.S. Team Mapping Last of Antarctica's Unexplored Regions; Legal Guide for California Prospectors and Miners [Addendum].
FEBRUARY 1971: Mineral Production in California, 1969; Photo Biography of Nisqually Glacier on Mt. Rainier, Washington; U.S. Team Mapping Last of Antarctica's Unexplored Regions; Legal Guide for California Prospectors and Miners; Keeping Earthquake Hazards Down.
MARCH 1971: The Mineral Industry of California in 1970; Watching the Gulf; Earthquake Recurrence Curves Plotted for San Andreas Fault; Water, Water [north coast floods, 1964]; Mass Wasting Altering Moon's Surface.
APRIL/MAY 1971: The San Fernando Earthquake, 1971; Seismologic and Crustal Investigations of the San Fernando Earthquake; The Geologic Setting; San Andreas Blamed for San Fernando Quake; Geologic Surface Effects of the San Fernando Earthquake; Seismically Triggered Landslides Above San Fernando Valley; Effects of the San Fernando Earthquake in the Oat Mountain Quadrangle; Urban Geology Plan Begun; Earthquake Leaflets Available from the U.S. Geological Survey; Tips for Gold Hunters.
JUNE 1971: California's Geologic Atlas Complete; Geodimeter Fault Movement Investigations in California; A New Method Aimed at Detecting Nickel.
JULY 1971: Geology of the Lake Tahoe Basin; Environmental Setting of the Lake Tahoe Basin; U.S.G.S. Completes Nationwide Reconnaissance of Metals in Streams.
AUGUST 1971: Volcanism in California; Methods of Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions; Summary of Pliocene to Holocene Volcanic Areas in California; Rate of Subsidence Decreases in California; Fluorspar, Threatening Shortage Worries Steel, Aluminum, and Chemical Makers.
SEPTEMBER 1971: 1970 California Mining Activity.
OCTOBER 1971: Cinder Cone Sewage Disposal Site at North Lake Tahoe; Gold Mine Waste – A Mineral Commodity.
NOVEMBER 1971: When the Earth Quakes...You Can Reduce the Danger; Engineering Features of the San Fernando Earthquake; Geology of Apollo 15 Moon Landing Site.
DECEMBER 1971: Fossils...The Living Past; Questions and Answers About Oil Shale; Index to Volume 24