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2001-Volume 54

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001: Using New Technology to Solve an Old Mystery (Racetrack Playa, Death Valley); Surveying the Latest Pictures From Mars; Digital Database of Faults from the Fault Activity Map of California and Adjacent Areas; Teacher Feature- Southern California Museums. Download PDF of this issue. (6.3 MB PDF Document)
MARCH/APRIL 2001: Death Valley's Visible History; Southern California 2000 Seismicity M4.5 and Larger Earth- quakes and Historical Context; Map Sheet 49; Map Sheet 50; DMG OFR 99-09; Seismic Hazard Zone Maps; GEOLOGY NEWS REPORT; Teacher Feature-Northern California Museums.
MAY/JUNE 2001: Is My House In a Seismic Hazards Zone; Marine Inundation of a Late Miocene Forest: Stratigraphy and Tectonic Evolution of the Saint George Formation, Crescent City, California; Book Reviews; NEW ITEM, Postcard from California--Simplified Geologic Map of California; Teacher Feature-Nicaragua's Cerro Negro Stratovolcano.
JULY/AUGUST 2001: Late Quaternary Faulting in San Diego Bay and Hazard to the Coronado Bridge, Surprising Museum in the Desert and History of Shoshone, California, Teacher Feature -- Fossil Finds in the Los Angeles Subway. Download PDF of this issue.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2001: Russian Dinosaurs in Sacramento; Fluid-Inclusion Studies of Hydrothermal Minerals from Geothermal Drill Holes at Medicine Lake Volcano, Northern California; California’s Non-Fuel Mineral Production 2000; Teacher Feature--Earth Science Week; Geology Tours Offered by the Desert Institute—Joshua Tree National Park. Download PDF of this issue.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2001: Overview of Division of Mines and Geology Activities 2000-2001; The Challenge of Earthquake Loss; Seismic Hazards Mapping Program; The Mineral Resources Program in 2000/2001; Strong-Motion Instrumentation Network Status; Regional Geologic and Hazards Mapping; THP Enforcement and Watershed Restoration Program; North Coast Watersheds Assessment Program; Library Challenges: Information Access, Storage, and Customer Service Issues in the Digital Age; Index to Volume 54—2001; Dear California Geology Subscribers (Letter from James F. Davis Regarding California Geology Magazine); California Geology Subscriber Survey.

2000-Volume 53

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2000: Scientific Drilling in Long Valley Caldera, Califomia-An Update; The October 16, 1999 M ' 7.1 Hector Mine Earthquake-An Initial Response; Sneak Preview of DMG's Mineral and Mines CD-ROM; DMG Library Celebrates Earth Science Week; Teacher Feature-The Mystery of Petroglyphs.
MARCH/APRIL 2000: The Demise of the San Bruno Fault; Southern California Seismicity Summary-1999; Northern California 1999 Seismicity; Teacher Feature-Earthquake! Earthquake!! Earthquake!!!
MAY/JUNE 2000: A Discussion of Geology, Soils, Wines and History of the Napa Valley Region; Making Portland Cement in California; In Memory of Gordon W. Chase; Teacher Feature-Geoscience Challenge.
JULY/AUGUST 2000: Are Soils Endangered; California Landscapes.-A Geologic Perspective; In Memory of Oliver E. Bowen; Teacher Feature-Looking for Faults in All the Right Places.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000: Volcanoes in the Susanville Region, Lassen, Modoc, Plumas Counties, Northeastern California; 1999 California Mining Review; Teacher Feature-Earth Science Week; Geologic Map of California Release.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2000: The August 17, 1999 Kocaeli, Turkey Earthquake - A Lesson for California; Garnet; Is Mushroom Rock a Ventifact; Teacher Feature-Inside the Earth; Index to Volume 53 – 2000.

1999-Volume 52

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1999: The Geology, Mineralogy, and History of the Himalaya Mine; A Popular and Informative Event; Teacher Feature - Exploring Caves; In Memory - John Lawrence Burnett and Richard Malcolm Stewart.
MARCH/APRIL 1999: The 1998 Storm-Related Events, A Response; Activities of the California Post-Earthquake Information Clearinghouse; Southern California Seismicity Summary for 1998; Northern California 1998 Seismicity - M4.5 and Larger Events and Historical Context; Teacher Feature - The Hunt for Hazards in the Classroom.
MAY/JUNE 1999: The Mystery of the Eureka Breccia: Discovering the World of Microcrystals; Teacher Feature- California's Official State Gem, Rock, Fossil, and Mineral.
JULY/AUGUST 1999: California's First Fossil Evidence of Cretaceous Winged Vertebrates; William More Gabb- First Paleontologist of the Geological Survey of California; Plio-Pleistocene Fossil Trees Found in Ancestral Lake Britton Diatomite Deposits; Teacher Feature-Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1999: Magmatic Gas Emissions from Mammoth Mountain, Mono County, California; California Non-Fuel Minerals--1998: Teacher Feature-Earth Science Week.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1999: Maps: The Earth on Canvas; Clifford Gray Memorial; Index to Volume 52 – 1999; Teacher Feature-Fabulous Facts About Mineral Resources.

1998-Volume 51

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1998: The Discovery of Gold in California; Gold Gold Gold!; Gold in the California Desert-Past, Present, and Future; Teacher Feature – Gold Dust Memories; The Varied Uses of Gold.
MARCH/APRIL 1998: New Geologic Maps Lend Support to Better Building Design in California Earthquake Country; Reducing Future Earthquake Losses in California; Teacher Feature-April is California Earthquake Preparedness Month; A Slice of Earth – Anatomy of an Earthquake.
MAY/JUNE 1998: Geology and Slope Stability Along Highway 50; Real-Time Monitoring of Active Landslides Along Highway 50, El Dorado County; 1997 California Mining Review; Teacher Feature – Geologic Time.
JULY/AUGUST 1998: Short History of Man and Gold; Scenes from the California Gold Rush; Division of Mines and Geology Library – Open House; Division of Mines and Geology Library Past, Present, and Future; California Gold Mines Photograph Collection; Teacher Feature – Landforms.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1998: Geology of Joshua Tree National Park; Mines in Joshua Tree National Park; Teacher Feature – Geoscience Careers.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1998: Quaternary Geology and Neotectonics of the Pinto Mountain Fault, Mojave Desert, Southern California; Major Improvements in Progress for Southern California Earthquake Monitoring; Teacher Feature – Journey Back In Time; Index to Volume 51 – 1998.

1997-Volume 50

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1997: Changes in Construction Aggregate Availability in Major Urban Areas of California between the Early 1980s and the Early 1990s; A Field Trip Transect of the Northern Sierra via Interstate Highway 80; Gold Rush California State Parks.
MARCH/APRIL 1997: California's Mother Lode Highway – Mariposa to Chinese Camp; Diary of a Frenchman, Trinity River Placers, 1850; Fossil Marine Algae or Trace Fossil?; Mining Brings Opportunities and Challenges.
MAY/JUNE 1997: Sky Tour of the New Year's Flood, Central Valley, California, 1997; Reconnaissance Engineering Geology of the Mill Creek Landslide of January 24, 1997; California's Mother Lode Highway – Chinese Camp to Mokelumne Hill; Reclaiming Mined Land Provides for the Future.
JULY/AUGUST 1997: Assessing Earthquake Ground Shaking Hazard in California; California’s Non-Fuel Mineral Production – 1996; California's Mother Lode Highway – Mokelumne Hill to Placerville; Mountain Building.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1997: Chico Formation Yields Clues to Late Cretaceous Paleoenvironment in California; California’s Mother Lode Highway – Placerville to North San Juan; Teacher Feature – Volcanoes.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1997: Radon Mapping-Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties; California’s Mother Lode Highway – North San Juan to Sattley; Teacher Feature – Geology of Donner Lak; Index to Volume 50 – 1997.

1996-Volume 49

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1996: Eastern Mojave Desert Pediments; A Chronicle of Pre-1848 California Gold Discoveries; The Hydrologic Cycle; William "Bill" Clark [tribute]; Thomas Edwards Gay, Jr. [tribute].
MARCH/APRIL 1996: Liquefaction in the California Desert – an Unexpected Geologic Hazard; Reclaiming Surface Mined Land to Waterfowl Habitat; Earthquake Legends; Richard B. Saul – 1922-1995.
MAY/JUNE 1996: Quaternary Diapir of Claystone in Faulted Anticline, Stanford, California; Focal Mechanism Studies – Revisited, An Explanation; Earth Science Teacher Resources.
JULY/AUGUST 1996: Native Seed Collection for Mined-Land Revegetation; Fossils...The Living Past; Be a Rock Hound.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1996: 1995 Storm Events; Breached Landslide Dam on the Navarro River; Debris Flows Resulting from January 1995 Rainstorms; Geothermal Gems.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1996: 1995 California Mineral Industry Survey; California Principal Mineral-Producing Localities [map]; Preliminary Maps of Seismic Hazard Zones and Draft Guidelines for Evaluating and Mitigating Seismic Hazards; 1995 Redway Landslide; Glaciers; Index to Volume 49 – 1996

1995-Volume 48

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1995: Little Anacapa Island; The Miners Law – Part II; Gold Rush and Early California, Astronomy, and Landforms, etc. Word Searches and Geology Crossword Puzzle.
MARCH/APRIL 1995: New Fault Map of California and Adjacent Areas; The September 1, 1994 Mendocino Fault Earthquake; Tsunami Warning!; Tributes [to George Hilton and Martin Stout].
MAY/JUNE 1995: Mercer Caverns: History, Exploration, and Geology of a Gold Country Classic, Calaveras County; Controlling Factors in the Development of Corrugations on Off-Road Motorcycle Trails, San Benito County; The Eureka Earthquake, December 26, 1994; Fireworks and Natural Resources; Geologist Ed Kiessling Retires.
JULY/AUGUST 1995: Seismotectonics Near Stanford University; First California Dinosaur North of Sacramento; New Emphasis on Geoscience in K-12 Education Leads to Opportunities for Changing Public Perception of the Mineral Industries; 1994 California Mineral Industry Survey; Earthquake Preparedness Resource Directory; New and Revised Official Maps of Earthquake Fault Zones of June 1, 1995; Two Geologists Retire [Earl Hart and Oscar Huber].
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1995: Troilite from the Low Divide District; Are All Major California Cities Seriously Threatened by Earthquakes?; The Great California Recycling Adventure; Planet Ocean; Dancing to the Fossil Record; CDMG Online--DMG's computerized Bulletin Board System.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1995: California Jade, A Geological Heritage; The Geology of the Franciscan Complex in the Ward Creek-Cazadero Area, Sonoma County, California; Classroom Activity Shows How to Determine Earthquake Intensities; George B. Cleveland – 1925-1995; Index to Volume 48 – 1995.

1994-Volume 47

MAY/JUNE 1994: Saltwater Springs Atop the Rumsey Hills, California; Unusual Phosphate Minerals and Diatom-Bearing Stalactites from the Farallon Islands; The Mineral Industry of California in 1993; Careers in the Geosciences.
JULY/AUGUST 1994: Geology of Prisoners Rock and The Peninsula: Pleistocene Hydrovolcanism in the Tule Lake Basin, Northeastern California; A Glimpse of Life in the Gold Country: Excerpts from John Doble's Journal and Correspondence; U.S. Geological Survey Videotape Library.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1994: The Indio Hills; Geology of Hayden Hill – A New Mine Revitalizing an Old Mining District; Global Change – Logs of Straw: Dendrochronology; Index to Statutory and Regulatory Reclamation Plan Requirements.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1994: The Miners Law – Part I; Bergbaufreiheit; Agricola; Claims Notices; Calcite; Watt, Did You Say?; Going for the Gold; Index to Volume 47 – 1994.

1993-Volume 46

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1993: The Landers-Big Bear Earthquake Sequence and its Felt Effects; Surface Faulting Associated with the June 1992 Landers Earthquake, California; Rockfalls and Surface Effects Other Than Faulting – Landers and Big Bear Earthquakes; Surface Rupture Along a Portion of the Emerson Fault; Landers Earthquake of June 28, 1992; DMG Clearinghouse for the June 28, 1992 Landers and Big Bear Earthquakes; The National Association of Geology Teachers Guidebook Publications.
MARCH/APRIL 1993: Gold-Bearing Quartz Veins in the Klamath Mountains in the Redding 1 x 2 Degree Quadrangle, Northern California; Mining California Calcite Crystals for the Optical Ring Sight.
MAY/JUNE 1993: Jamestown Leaf Gold; The Gold Bug Mine [El Dorado County]; The Mineral Industry of California – 1992; Gold, California State Mineral.
JULY/AUGUST 1993: Minerals; Arroyo Boulders – Anza-Borrego Desert, California; Mineral Experiments; AB 3098 Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA) Eligible List – July 1, 1993.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1993: Damaging Landslides Related to the Intense Rainstorms of January-February 1993, Southern California; California's Landslide Hazard Identification Project; DMG Landslide Publications (Exclusive of LHIMs); Crossword Puzzle – American Geologic Terms of Foreign Origin; A 15th Century Mining Lease.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1993: Runoff and Erosion after the Oakland Firestorm; Expectations and Observations; Emergency Landslide Hazard Evaluation Following the Tunnel Fire, October 19-23, 1991; A Composite Volcano in Action; California’s Rocks, Minerals, and Decorative Stone Used by Native Americans; Index to Volume 46 – 1993.

1992-Volume 45

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1992: Detachment Faults, California’s Extended Past; Mineralization Along Detachment Faults; California Has Its Faults; Faulted Wave-Cut Terrace Near Point Arena [Mendocino County], A Photo Essay.
MARCH/APRIL 1992: The Honeydew Earthquake, August 17, 1991; Sources of North Coast Seismicity; The Cape Mendocino Earthquakes, April 25-26, 1992.
MAY/JUNE 1992: California State Mining and Mineral Museum, Mariposa; History of the Mineral Museum.
JULY/AUGUST 1992: Calcareous Tufa Formations, Searles Lake and Mono Lake; Geometry of Normal Faulting in Tecopa Valley, California from Magnetic Surveys; April 22 Joshua Tree, and June 28 Landers and Big Bear Earthquakes, 1992; The Mineral Industry of California – 1991; Highlights of the Second Conference on Earthquake Hazards in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area; The Quicksand Model – An Experiment.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1992: Captain Jack’s Stronghold, The Geologic Events that Created a Natural Fortress [Siskiyou County]; Medicine Lake Volcano and Lava Beds National Monument [Siskiyou and Modoc Counties]; Going Down the Tubes.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1992: The Division of Mines and Geology’s Environmental Protection Program; Geologic Conditions at Three Rancho Palos Verdes Subdivisions [Los Angeles County]; Geologic Hazards at the New Bay Farm Island Elementary School [Alameda County]; Implementing an Award Winning Reclamation Plan at Castle Mountain Mine [San Bernardino County]; Sedimentation in a Highly Erosive Watershed [Salmon Creek, Humboldt County]; Brief History of Measurement Systems; Index to Volume 45 – 1992.

1991-Volume 44

AUGUST 1991: Travertine Hot Springs [Mono County]; Simplified Geologic Map of California; Mariposite – The Rock that Made California Famous.
SEPTEMBER 1991: Preparation and Use of Earthquake Planning Scenarios; Earthquake Planning Scenario for the San Diego-Tijuana Area; Earthquake Bibliography.
OCTOBER 1991: The Mineral Industry of California in 1990; Geology at the Intersection of the Garlock and Death Valley Fault Zones, Northern Avawatz Mountains [Field Trip Road Log]; Alquist-Priolo Special Studies Zones [Official Maps – November 1991]; Mining Crossword Puzzle.
NOVEMBER 1991: Decomposed Granite; Timber Harvesting in Granitic Terrain – Grass Valley Creek [Trinity County]; Geologic Terms of Spanish Origin.
DECEMBER 1991: Snow Lake Pendant, Yosemite-Emigrant Wilderness – Evidence for a Major Strike-Slip Fault within the Sierra Nevada, California; Muir, Whitney, and the Origin of Yosemite Valley – In Defense of Whitney; Update on the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975.