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Kids GeoZone 

Links for Kids

Geologic Glossary



The Dinosauria-Truth is Stranger than Fiction-UC Berkeley

Dinosaur Fossils-Enchanted Learning

The Science Spot Kids Zone-Dinosaur and Fossil Links

Dinosaur Dig-San Diego Natural History Museum

University of California Museum of Paleontology

BLM Colorado Kids Connection-Set in Stone



Amber-Window to the Past-American Museum of Natural History

Finding Fossils-San Diego Natural History Museum

La Brea Tar Pits Photo Tour

-Kid's Earth and Sky


Earthquakes-FEMA for Kids

Earthquakes for Kids

Earthquakes - Kid Cosmos

Earthquakes - Kids Zone/ABAG

Plate Tectonics

Volcanoe Games - Oregon State University

Volcanoes-FEMA for Kids

Volcanoes of Mars and Washington - Kid Cosmos

Virtual Volcano Field Trips - Oregon State University

Magic Schoolbus Blows its Top!




California GeoTour-Virtual Field Trips Exploring California's Geology

Geologic Cookbook, Kentucky Geological Survey

Complete Guide to Earth Science

National Geographic Kids

USGS Kids Corner

Plate Tectonics - Animated Clips

Geologic Time Scale-Enchanted Learning

Geothermal Energy

Energy Story - Geothermal Energy

California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources

Mineralogy and Mining/Rockhound Info

Minerals and Gems - San Diego Natural History Museum

Minerals by Name

Minerals Close Up

Mineralogy for Kids - Mineralogical Society of America

Kens Fluorescent Minerals

Mineralogy Database

Mine Safety Health Administration's Kid Page

Pebble Pups Area - American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

Rocks for Kids

Smithsonian Institute - Rocks and Mining


American Library Associations Great Web Sites for Kids

Enchanted Learning

Caves-United State Show Caves Directory

BLM Colorado Kids Connection