California Geological Survey (CGS) believes that there is a need to increase public awareness and understanding of the importance of the earth sciences in our lives, that is why CGS provides educational resources fo r teachers and others who are interested with the hope to make earth science learning more meaningful.

Educational Publications from CGS

Geological Gems of California State Parks

CGS Special Report 230, by the California Geological Survey and California State Parks.

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Interactive Web Map
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California is a veritable treasure chest of nationally acclaimed natural landmarks and much adored scenery. This geologic legacy on display in the landscape can be observed throughout California's State Park system. The mission of California State Parks is "to provide for the health, inspiration and education of the people of California by helping to preserve the state's extraordinary biological diversity, protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources, and creating opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation."

We selected exemplary units of the State Park system to highlight California's geologic legacy. The selected parks are dubbed "GeoGems." CGS Special Report 230 is a collection of more than fifty short articles explaining the geologic features of the "GeoGems" for the public.

Hardcopies of the Geological Gems of California State Parks can be purchased from the CGS library. The hardcopy book includes two plates folded in a back cover pocket and costs $60.00. The plates can be purchased separately as rolled posters and are available for $10.00 for each of the two plates ($20 for both).

The California Geological Survey Calendar

A 2017 calendar with photography by Mike Fuller (CGS), Fred Murphy (USGS) and Chris Farrar (USGS) and layout by CGS employee Anita Carney. The calendar is available in pdf format in both vertical and horizontal layouts.

Download Vertical or Horizontal layouts (500KB each).


Resources for Children and their Parents

Kids GeoZone 

Dedicated to students having fun while learning about the geosciences.

Parents and teachers will find activities and links of interest here as well.


CGS Notes

CGS notes contain the answers to commonly asked questions about California's geology.
There are also notes with information on:

Teacher Features

Teacher Feature-Fabulous Facts About Mineral Resources


Online Maps and Data

The California Geological Survey produces several  types of maps and publications, many of which are online. One of the newest products being offered by CGS is interactive mapping program created for the Seismic Hazards Zonation Program. The Seismic Hazards Mapping Web Page uses Intergraph's GeoMedia WebMap to allow you to interactively view Seismic Hazards Mapping data using an internet browser. It also allows you to download maps and GIS data via the web.