Official Tsunami Inundation Maps

Official Statewide Tsunami Inundation Maps – Produced collectively by tsunami modelers, geologic hazard mapping specialists, and emergency planning scientists from CGS, Cal OES, and the Tsunami Research Center at the University of Southern California, the tsunami inundation maps for California cover most residentially and transient populated areas along the state’s coastline. Coordinated by Cal OES, these official maps are developed for all populated areas at risk to tsunamis in California and represent a combination of the maximum considered tsunamis for each area. Click on the county or county name from the list below to view/download the Tsunami Inundation Maps. For local, county, and regional emergency preparedness information, explore the links at the bottom of the county page. 

To find out more about the tsunami risk where you live, work, or visit use the CGS Information Warehouse Google Maps Interface.

MyHazards – Cal OES has created this user-friendly website where you can enter in your address and find out if you live within an area at risk to hazards from earthquakes, flooding, fire, and tsunami inundation.

California Inundation Map KMZ file

Inundation Map Methodology (poster)


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 Additional inundation map compilations:

When citing the tsunami inundation maps, please use the following format (entering the specific map name, county name, and date on the map):

State of California, 2009, Tsunami Inundation Map for Emergency Planning, (map name) Quadrangle, (county name) County; produced by California Emergency Management Agency, California Geological Survey, and University of Southern California – Tsunami Research Center; dated (date on the map), mapped at 1:24,000 scale.

Map Disclaimer: These maps were prepared to assist cities and counties in identifying their tsunami hazard. They are intended for local jurisdictional, coastal evacuation planning uses only. These maps are not a legal documents and do not meet disclosure requirements for real estate transactions nor for any other regulatory purpose. The California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA), the University of Southern California (USC), and the California Geological Survey (CGS) make no representation or warranties regarding the accuracy of this inundation map nor the data from which the map was derived. Neither the State of California nor USC shall be liable under any circumstances for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages with respect to any claim by any user or any third party on account of or arising from the use of this map.