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Tim​​​ber ​Harvest Plan Geologic Reviews

CGS staff conduct engineering geologic field reviews of select Timber Harvesting Plans (THP) as part of a multi-agency review team led by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE). Upon completion of the field reviews, CGS staff prepare memoranda that summarize pertinent observations and recommendations made during the field review. Th​ese memoranda are submitted to CAL FIRE, the lead agency for timber harvest plan approval, for consideration as pa​rt of the THP review process.

Recently submitted THP engineering geologic review memoranda prepared by CGS staff are presented below. These memoranda are available for vi​ewing on this web site for approximately 90 days after posting. If you are interested in one of the CGS memoranda that is more than 90 days old, please send an email with the THP number to: FWGP@conservation.ca.gov and we will email a PDF if available (THPs beginning in 2002) or direct you to CAL FIRE for a hard co​py. For more information on the THP review process, go to CAL FIRE's web page.​

THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
​​ 2-17-036ButteSec. 21, 28, T25N, R5E;
Crane Valley (5518.600104);
Flying Pan Creek (5518.420302);
Philbrook Creek (5518.600101)
THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
1-17-084Del Norte​Sec. 28-29, T15N, R1E;
North of Ted's Ridge (1103.500001)​
​THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
4-17-009​El Dorado​​Sec. 5-6, T11N, R15E;
Sec. 16, 23-24, 35-36, T12N, R14E;
Sec. 19, 29-31, T12N, R15E;​​
Maud Lake (5514.340101)​
4-17-008​​El Dorado​Sec. 5, 8, T8N, R13E;​​
Cedar Creek (1105.120202)​
THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
1-17-008Humboldt​​Sec. 17-20, T12N, R2E;
​​Root Creek (1111.220604);
Stevens Creek (1111.220603)
1-17-090Humboldt​​Sec. 3, 4, 8, 9, 17, T10N, R2E;
Lower Tectah Creek ​(1105.110401);
Upper Tectah Creek (1105.110405)
1-17-079Humboldt​​Sec. 32-33, T13N, R2E;
Sec. 3-5, 9-10, 16, T12N, R2E;
Tarup Creek ​(1105.110703);
Ah Pah Creek (1105.110702)
1-17-088Humboldt​​Sec. 36, T2N, R1W;
Dean Creek (1111.110103)
1-17-087​Humboldt​​Sec. 20, 28-29, 32-33, T1N, R1E;
Jordan Creek (1111.120202)
1-17-093​Humboldt​​Sec. 23, 26-28, 33-35, T10N, R2E;
Upper Roach Creek (1105.110306);
Upper Tectah Creek (1105.110405)
1-16-112​Humboldt​​Sec. 26-27, 34-35, T5N, R1E;
Cloney Gulch (1110.000102)
1-17-097​Humboldt​​Sec. 36, T5N, R1W;
Ryan Slough (1110.000104)
1-17-092​Humboldt​​Sec. 29, 32, T5N, R1E;
Cloney Gulch (1110.000102)
1-17-112​Humboldt​​Sec. 35, 36, T4N, R1E;
Sec. 31, T4N, R2E;
Sec. 1, T3N, R1E;​
Upper North Fork Elk River (1110.000202)
1-17-107​​Humboldt​​Sec. 1, 12-13, T1N, R1E;
Sec. 6-7, 18, T1N, R2E;
Hely Creek (1111.210003)
1-17-116​​Humboldt​Sec. 3, 11-12, T3N, R1W;​
Sec. 7, T3N, R1E;
Lower South Fork Elk River (1110.000302)
​THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
​​1-17-078MendocinoSec. 1-3, 11, 34-36; T11N, R14W;
​Stewart Creek (1113.81001);
Middle Rockpile Creek (1113.820001);
Billings Creek (1113.810004)
1-17-081MendocinoSec. 1, T15N, R14W;
Sec. 6, T15N, R13W;
Sec. 31, T16N, R13W;
Sec. 36, T16N, R14W;
Upper Ackerman Creek (1114.310301)
1-17-066Mendocino​Sec. ​9-10, 15-17, 20-21, T17N, R15W;
East Branch North Fork Big River (1113.300303)​
1-17-006Mendocino​Sec. ​5, 6, 8, T12N, R15W;
North Fork Garcia River (1113.700205)​
1-17-114Mendocino​Sec. ​11-14, T19N, R15W;
Hayworth Creek (1113.200103)​;
Sherwood Creek (1111.610201)
​THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
2-17-026NevadaSec. 15, T18N, R11E;
South Fork Poorman Creek (5517.320101);
Poorman Creek (5517.320102)
THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
2-17-028Placer Sec. 8, T15N, R10E;
Lower Steephollow (5516.340201)
​THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
2-17-033Plumas​Sec. ​1-2, T28N, R06E;
Sec. ​14, 23, 26, 35, T29N, R06E;
Louse Creek (5518.440301)
2-1​7-047​Plumas​Sec. ​34-36, T22N, R12E;
Mohawk Creek Creek (5518.330301);
Lower Sulfur Creek (5518.3302​01)
THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
1-17-071​Santa Cruz​Sec. 4, 5, 8; T10S, R1W;
​​Bean Creek (3304.120401);
Carbonera Creek (3304.120504)
1-17-083​Santa Cruz​Sec. 28, T9S, R1W;
​​Bean Creek (33047.120401)
THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
2-17-023Shasta​Sec. 1, 11, 12, T31N, R2E;
​Sec. 36, T32N, R2E;
Sec. 4-8, T31N, R3E;
Sec. 31-33, T32N, R3E;
Bridges Creek (5507​.120101)​​
2-15-053Shasta​Sec. 10-15, T38N, R1E;
Devils Canyon (5526​.160001);
Curtis (5526.160003)​​​
2-14-078Shasta​Sec. 16-17, 20-21, T38N, R1E;
Devils Canyon (5526​.160001)
2-17-042Shasta​Sec. 12-14, T38N, R1E;
Sec. 6-7, T38N, R2E;
 Curtis (5526​.160003)
2-13-034Shasta​Sec. 23, 35, T37N, R1W;
Sec. 3, 9, T36N, R1W;
Bush Bar (5526​.150301​);
Stump Creek (5526.160002)
2-17-070​Shasta​Sec. 13, 24-25, T30N, R2E;
Sec. 15-22, 27-29, 33-35, T30N, R3E;
Upper Digger Creek (5507.120402)
THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
2-17​-022SierraSec. 25, 26, 35, T21N, R13E;
Sec. 19, T21N, R14E;
Sattley (5518.350502);
Upper Sulphur Creek (5518.350602)
2-17​-030SierraSec. 23, 25, 35, T20N, R12E;
Sec. 19, 21, T20N, R13E;
Loves Falls (5517.540202);
Thompson Meadows (5517.540201)
2-17​-003SierraSec. 16, 20-21, T22N, R10E;
Upper Slate Creek (5517.520103)
THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
2-15-067​SiskiyouSec. 2-3, 10-11, 15-16; T39N, R4W;
Sec. 33; T40N, R4W;
Ney Springs Creek (5525.220203);
Big Canyon Creek (5525.220304)
THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
​​1-17NTMP-006​SonomaSec. 21, 28, T7N, R10W;
​Dutch Bill Creek (1114.110303)​
THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
2-17-035​Tehama​Sec. 25-26, 35-36, T28N, R4E;
Sec. 30-32, T28N, R5E;
​​Slate Creek (5509.200104);
CarterCreek (5509.200102);
Round Valley (5509.200201)​
2-17-051​​Tehama​Sec. 1-2, 9-18, 22-24, T28N, R2E;
Sec. 6-7, 17-19, T28N, R3E;
​​Deadhorse Creek (5509.630103);
Judd Creek (5509.630101)​
THP # County Location CalWater Watershed ID
​​​​2-17-053Trinity​Sec. 15, 22-23, 27, 33 T33N, R10W;
Sec. 1, T32N, R10W;
​Lower Weaver Creek (1106.320003);
Dutton Creek (1106.310201);
Soldier Creek (1106.150703);
Maxwell Creek (1106.150702);
Oregon Gulch (1106.150601)
​​2-17-054Trinity​Sec. 31, T33N, R8W;
Sec. 35-36, T33N, R9W;
Sec. 1-2, 9-12, 15, T32N, R9W;
Sec. 6-8, 17-18, T32N, R8W;
​Tom Lang Gulch (1106.310403);
Lower Grass Valley Creek (1106.310604);
Upper Grass Valley Creek (1106.310502);
Lower Indian Creek (1106.310402);
Middle Indian Creek ​(1106.310401)


​​​​​​​P​​o​st-Fire Erosion a​nd Slope Stability

California Geological Survey staff provi​​de advisory services to the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection regarding geologic and slope stability concerns associated with wildfires and vegetation management plans in mountainous areas of California. The results of some of this work are presented below.​

​​​Document Description
ArticleCalifornia Fires, Floods, and Landslide, 2005
PowerPointCalifornia Debris Flows & The Effects of Fire, 2005
California Geology ArticleFire and Rain Equal Mudflows, Big Sur 1972
California Geology Article
Hazard Evaluation Following the Tunnel (Oakland Hills) Fire, Oct 19-23, 1991
Burn Site Form​California Geological Survey Burn Site Evaluation Form


​​O​​ther Documents Prepared by the CGS Forest & Watershed Geology Program

​​​Document ​Description
SR ​217Special Report 217
Geologic Compilation of Quaternary Surficial Deposits in Southern California. Contains report and a comp​lete GIS digital database for all 16 maps.

Review of July 2002 EPA Analysis Impacts of Timberland Management on Water Quality. Dated November 27, 2002.

MemorandaRegional Geologic Information and Preliminary Geomorphic Characterization of Bear Creek at Quigley Grove, Humboldt County, California. Dated February 24, 2003.

Geologic Consequences of Tree Removal Under the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Sponsored Southern California Tree Mortality Emergency Watershed Protection Program. Dated November 28, 2006.
Appendix 1 - Inventory Sheet
Appendix 2 - Photos

SP 120
SP 120 Errata

Special Publication 120
Index to Published Landslide Maps, California Coast Ranges, Monterey County and North for Use in Timber Harvesting Plan Preparation on Non-Federal Land, 1999.

Vegetation Island Review, ​ Oceano Dunes SVRA

​Geologic review of shape, size, and geomorphology of 20 vegetation islands in Oceano Dunes SVRA. Describes geologic conditions and sand sample analyses, dune processes, sediment transport, sedimentation and moisture retention, historical changes over more than 60 years, and suggested management practices.

Phase 2 Study

At the request of California State Parks, CGS prepared this evaluation of the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District’s “South County Phase 2 Particulate Study” dated February 2010. ​​​​​